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Klimaschutzgesetze in Europa – Von anderen lernen

Klimaschutzgesetze in Europa – Von anderen lernen

6th episode of "Knowledge for Future – The Environment Podcast"

As Germany is debating the introduction of a national climate law, it can build on the experiences that already exist at many levels. Several fellow EU Member States have already adopted such framework laws, for example, to help them manage the achievement of their climate targets. Furthermore, Ursula von der Leyen, who will start as head of the European Commission on 1 November 2019 has announced that she proposes a climate law for the EU within her first 100 days in office. But what do the existing climate protection framework laws actually look like at European level? This is the question addressed in the sixth episode of the environmental podcast "Knowledge for Future". It draws on the background information of several related publications produced by Ecologic Institute. The podcast is available in German only.

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Ecologic Institute, detektor.fm 2019: Klimaschutzgesetze in Europa – Von anderen lernen. Knowledge for Future – Der Umwelt-Podcast. Podcast. 10 September 2019. Online: https://detektor.fm/wissen/knowledge-for-future-klimaschutzgesetze-in-europa


Concept and content: Matthias Duwe, Dr. Stephan Sina, Dr. Heidi StockhausMarius Hasenheit (Ecologic Institute), Rabea Schloz (detektor.fm)
Sound: detektor.fm
Speaker: Rabea Schloz (detektor.fm)

16:57 min
climate legislation, climate change law, climate change act, climate law, governance, Paris Agreement, Europe