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Mehr Kohärenz bitte!


Mehr Kohärenz bitte!

Plastikpolitik in Deutschland, Europa und weltweit


Mederake, L., Araujo Sosa, A. und Hirschnitz-Garbers, M. (2020): Mehr Kohärenz bitte! Plastikpolitik in Deutschland, Europa und weltweit. Politische Ökologie, Band 161, 76-82.

This article (written in German) examines various policies and approaches that are currently being implemented or planned as solutions to the plastics crisis. It becomes clear that in national and international policies plastics are mainly described as a problem of waste management and that solutions are oriented accordingly. As a consequence, there are numerous regulations for the recycling of plastic waste in Germany, while waste prevention is rarely addressed. The perception of the plastics crisis as a problem of waste management also leads to a transfer of responsibility to individuals, who, however, have only limited room for manoeuvre compared to industry and politics.

This problem is to be countered in various ways. The authors Linda Mederake, Ariel Araujo Sosa and Dr. Martin Hirtschnitz-Garbers (all Ecologic Institute) argue for more responsibility on the part of industry and politics and for the implementation of incentives for waste prevention. The reusability of plastics should also be increased by promoting material recycling.

The article was published in the journal "politische ökologie" and is part of the issue "Plastikpoker. Spielregeln für die Entplastifizierug der Welt" (issue 02/2020). It illustrates the systemic character of the plastic waste problem. The issue also focuses on how the current lavish use of plastics can be reduced to a tolerable level.


More coherence please! – Plastics policies in Germany, Europe and worldwide


Ariel Araujo
Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers
Published in
politische ökologie 02-2020
Published by
7 pp.
plastics, plastic waste, waste prevention, plastic reduction, regulation, recycling