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NeueWege – Wege zur nachhaltigen Mobilität in Niedersachsen

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NeueWege – Wege zur nachhaltigen Mobilität in Niedersachsen

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Anderson, John et. al. 2021: NeueWege Wege zur nachhaltigen Mobilität in Niedersachsen. Fachgutachten. DLR, Ecologic Institute: Berlin.

For Germany to reach itsclimate targets, new ways of thinking mobility are essential. The federal state of Lower Saxony is confronted with significant challenges in its mobility transition due to the important role cars play in the region. Thus, the switch to renewable energies is a crucial lever for reducing CO2 emissions from the region's transport sector. The report "Ways to Sustainable Mobility" (WenaMoNi) analyses in detail where Lower Saxony stands in the transition to sustainable mobility. It identifies opportunities and barriers to implementing new concepts and presents action recommendations. The results show that all available options should be exploited, including electrification and the expansion of renewable energies as well as the increase of low carbon transport and "push" instruments, which make driving less attractive than the sustainable alternatives.

Ecologic Institute mapped key actors and analysed the legal framework, covering targets for the expansion of electric and hydrogen mobility and the regulatory, fiscal and spatial measures that are already implemented. The results were juxtaposed with scientific recommendations and best practices in other countries. The analysis shows that a policy approach built on subsidies, which has been favoured so far, must be supplemented by pricing instruments if climate targets are to be reached.


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Katharina Umpfenbach
John Anderson, Claudia Nobis, Johannes Finger, Vera Maria Fahrner (DLR Institut für Verkehrsforschung)
Nadine Jacobs, Peter Klement, Luis Granja, Dorothee Peters (DLR Institut für Vernetzte Energiesysteme)
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German Aerospace Center, DLR Bonn (DLR), Germany
179 pp.
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transport, sustainable transport, mobility, sustainable mobility, emissions, sector coupling, energy, energy transition, electricity, power-to-x
Germany, Lower Saxony
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