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Dr. Aissa Rechlin


Dr. Aissa Rechlin

Dr. rer. nat. (Geosciences)

Co-Coordinator Resource Conservation & Circular Economy
Senior Fellow


As a Senior Fellow with a background in geosciences, Dr. Aissa Rechlin works on resource conservation at Ecologic Institute. Her focus areas include resource use and efficiency in the circular economy, as well as environmental governance and transformation processes. Dr. Aissa Rechlin works in German, English and Spanish.

Dr. Aissa Rechlin is responsible for Ecologic Institute's contribution to the UBA-funded TransIS project on the "Sustainable Development of Infrastructures in Regions of Structural Change". The project, which covers the Rhenish, Central German and Lusatian coalfields, investigates which contributions infrastructure design based on sustainability criteria and innovative networking of regional infrastructures can make to socio-ecological structural change as well as the resulting impulses for sustainable regional development. Dr. Aissa Rechlin leads the project "Resource Efficiency and Natural Resources in an International Context" that supports the German Environment Ministry (BMUV) and the German Environment Agency (UBA) by assessing studies from international organisations in the field of resource conservation and is responsible for the preparation of content and scientific documentation for the European Resources Forum 2022 and 2024 in the project "Scientific Accompanying Research on Current Discourses on Resource Conservation (DiskuRes)". Dr. Aissa Rechlin works in German, English, and Spanish.

Prior to her work at Ecologic Institute, Dr. Aissa Rechlin gained significant experience as a project coordinator and team leader at Projekt-Consult GmbH (2015-2022). The company specializes in consultancy projects for responsible mining and sourcing of minerals worldwide. She also was an advisor for technology transfer at Technische Universität Berlin (2013-2014) and Universität Hamburg (2015) and worked as a researcher at GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam (2007 to 2012).

Dr. Aissa Rechlin holds a PhD in Geosciences from the Freie Universität Berlin and a Diploma (equal to master's degree) in Geology-Paleontology from Universität Hamburg.

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