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What is Transformative Climate Policy?

Ecologic Institute


What is Transformative Climate Policy?

First episode of the podcast "CLIMATE ON AIR – Discussing the future of EU climate policy"


Ecologic Institute 2023: What is transformative climate policy? Podcast. Online:

As concern for our planet's health continues to rise, climate policy has taken center stage in political discussions worldwide. While EU member states have made strides towards implementing comprehensive climate policies, we still have a long way to go in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, progress towards climate neutrality has been slow and marked by easy wins that do not require significant change.  

How must policymakers design transformative EU climate policy to reach climate neutrality in the next decade?

In this 1st episode of the "CLIMATE ON AIR – Discussing the future of EU climate policy" podcast, hosts Aaron Best from Ecologic Institute and Bradlie Martz-Sigala from the University of Eastern Finland discuss with Anuschka Hilke, Program Director at the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) and Benjamin Görlach, Environmental Economist and Head of Economics and Policy Assessment at Ecologic Institute, what "transformative policy" actually means and how it differs from traditional policymaking. What different approaches must policymakers take to achieve a comprehensive transformation of our economies? 

Tune in to find out and enjoy the conversation!

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The podcast is produced by Ecologic Institute and Eastern University of Finland and is available online on the following streaming platforms: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Deezer | Amazon Music and YouTube.

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The podcast is part of the 4i-TRACTION project, financed by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme funded under grant agreement No. 1011003884.


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Concept and Content: Ricarda Faber (Ecologic Institute), Katri Varis
Technical implementation and Communication: Chiara Mazzetti (Ecologic Institute)
Sound: Lena Aebli (Ecologic Institute)
Hosts: Ricarda Faber, Aaron Best (Ecologic Institute)
Interview partners: Anuschka Hilke (Institute for Climate Economics) and Benjamin Görlach (Ecologic Institute)

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