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Knowledge Development on Local Adaptation Indicators

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Knowledge Development on Local Adaptation Indicators


The successful monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policies and projects is crucial for building a resilient society amid the challenges posed by climate change. Unlike mitigation, there is currently no unified methodological framework or indicators for assessing the success of adaptation interventions.

The importance of indicator frameworks in monitoring and evaluation of local adaptation action is increasingly recognized, but there is still limited knowledge shared on them. The primary goal of this project is to gather essential information on the monitoring and evaluation of adaptation strategies at the local level, providing insights into how cities measure progress on the ground.

In the project, we will screen and extract information relevant to the monitoring and evaluation of adaptation measures from 76 local climate action plans at the city-level in the EU. This includes identifying targets and indicators used to measure progress in the implementation of climate adaptation strategies. Furthermore, indicators will be mapped according to the Key Type Measures (KTM) classification. This analysis will facilitate identifying common indicators used across multiple cities and identifying gaps in specific KTM categories.

The project is led by Ramboll Management Consulting in collaboration with Ramboll Environment & Health and Ecologic Institute. Ecologic Institute is involved in all parts of the work.


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NBS, indicators, urban adaptation, M&E, local adaptation plans and strategies