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Belgian Pilot

Cover page of the 'M3.1 BUSINESS BRIEFS - BELGIAN PILOT' document with a top-down view of a marine vessel. A person in a red safety suit is climbing a yellow ladder, symbolizing active marine operations. The bottom section invites readers to 'Visit United website' and lists authors Manuel Lago - ECOLOGIC, Youssef Zaiter - ACTeon, and editor Ivana Lukic from Submariner Network for Blue Growth EWIV.

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Belgian Pilot

Business Brief


Lago, Manuel and Youssef Zaiter 2023: Belgian Pilot. M3.1 Business Brief of the Horizon 2020 project "Multi-use Offshore Platforms Demonstrators for Boosting Cost-effective and Eco-friendly Production in Sustainable Marine Activities" (UNITED).

An innovative project in the Belgian North Sea uses offshore wind farms to grow flat oysters and seaweed. The aim is to efficiently combine renewable energies and sustainable marine management.

Legal and environmental factors: Challenges and opportunities

This Business Brief of the UNITED project examines the legal and environmental aspects of the project. Particular attention is paid to environmental benefits, such as improved water quality and biodiversity, as well as potential challenges, including permitting procedures.

Economic perspectives: A SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis of the project highlights its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It highlights both the potential cost savings from synergies and the challenges of the offshore environment. The business brief concludes with recommendations for the future of the project and emphasizes the need for political support.

Integrating offshore wind and aquaculture: a new project in the Belgian North Sea


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Youssef Zaiter (ACTeon)
7 pp.
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sugar kelp, EU policies, artificial reef, sustainability marketing, antifouling techniques, climate change impact, permitting process, Belgian Marine Spatial Plan, regulatory frameworks, GHG emission reduction
SWOT analysis, risk analysis, technology readiness level (TRL) assessment, environmental characterization, approval process, market consultation for insurance policies