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Environmental Policies and Social Justice

Environmental Policies and Social Justice

Environmental Policies and Social Justice


On behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency, Ecologic Institute completed a study on the interactions between environmental policies and social justice. Using selected programmes and measures, this study analysed to what extent environmental and social policy objectives have been adjusted in response to each other and how the interaction between the two can be improved. The Final Report contains an English summary and is available for download.

The German debate on the link between environmental and equity issues has usually centered on international aspects. Recently, however, the interactions between environmental and social policies within the country have gained more prominence in the public discourse. High energy prices, in particular, have contributed to this development. Most often, the discussion focuses on the financial burden imposed on individuals by increases in the costs of environmental goods. Less attention has been given to the positive relationships between environment, health and quality of life. Even from a purely monetary perspective, though, environmental and social goals may go hand in hand: For instance, energy saving is suited to both support environmental objectives and alleviate financial burdens on private households. In order to fully explore the existing potential for synergies, however, well-targeted incentives and supporting measures are needed.

The Final Report [pdf, 1.4 MB, German] contains an English summary and is available for download.


Daniel Blobel
Anna Leipprand
Alexander Neubauer
Sophie Herbert
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Environmental policy, environmental policies, social policy, social policies, social inclusion, social justice, environmental justice, private households, transport, mobility, urban development