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Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management


Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management

19 May 2007
Madison, Wisconsin
United States

Higher energy costs, aging underground systems, increased demands for fewer public dollars, new knowledge about ecosystem services, and anxiety over the climate are causing authorities, experts and citizens in the US to take a fresh look at water infrastructure.

For its International Ecological Policy Dialogue on 18 to 20 June 2007 in Madison, Wisconsin, the US Multi-State Working Group on Environmental Performance (MSWG) invited R. Andreas Kraemer to present European experiences with infrastructure finance, cost recovery, and tariff reform.

Click here for the presentation by R. Andreas Kraemer.
Click here for a full report of the event with links to the presentations by Ingmar von Homeyer and R. Andreas Kraemer.  See also the Ecologic Institute web site for a more detailed description of Ingmar von Homeyer's contribution to the Ecologic Institute Policy Dialogue in Madison, Wisconsin, and  for a presentation of a joint proejct on EU governance reform with the European Union Center of Excellence at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

19 May 2007
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Water Supply, Sewerage, Infrastructure, financing, investment, public sector reform, cost recovery, prices, charges, tariffs, ta