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Bringt mehr Umweltschutz mehr Gerechtigkeit?

Bringt mehr Umweltschutz mehr Gerechtigkeit?

In the current political debate, justice seems equivalent with even income distribution. Other justice aspects appear absent: studies show that low-income groups suffer more from pollution than high-income groups. This includes noise, air pollution and lack of accessible green spaces. At the same time, higher-income groups consume more resources than the poor. Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf discusses in brief these issues in the MigrantInnenUmweltZeitschrift (MUZ), Issue 2.

MUZ is published by the Turkish-German Environmental Center e. V. (TDZ e. V.); it is the TDZ mission to raise environmental awareness, in particular among Turkish speaking immigrants. The current issue [pdf, 6.3 MB, English] with Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf’s article can be downloaded free of charge.


Meyer-Ohlendorf, Nils 2009: “Bringt mehr Umweltschutz mehr Gerechtigkeit?”. MigrantInnenUmwelt­Zeitschrift (MUZ), Vol. 2009, No. 2, 10-11.

German, Turkish
Published In
Journal: MigrantInnenUmweltZeitschrift (MUZ) , Vol. 2009, No. 2
2 pp.
justice, environmental protection, environmental justice, noise, air pollution, resource consumption,