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The Kyoto Protocol and the current climate negotiations

The Kyoto Protocol and the current climate negotiations

7 October 2009

Christiane Gerstetter of Ecologic Legal, gave a presentation to young diplomats, participating in the 4th Executive Seminar for Diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean on the international legal framework for climate protection and the current climate negotiations.

Christiane Gerstetter gave an overview of the central elements of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol. She summarized the current status of the negotiations concerning adaptation, mitigation, transfer of technology and finance. Many issues are still controversial, in particular between developing and developed countries, she observed. The discussion following the presentation touched on the role of agriculture in mitigating climate change, the role of the United States in the international climate negotiations, emissions trading and the prospects for an ambitious climate change agreement in Copenhagen in December 2009, inter alia.

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7 October 2009
Berlin, Germany
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