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Ecologic Institute Technology Transfer Side Event at UNFCCC COP-15 in Copenhagen

Ecologic Institute Technology Transfer Side Event at UNFCCC COP-15 in Copenhagen

11 December 2009

The Ecologic Institute presented its policy brief on the transfer of climate technology to developing countries at a side event on 11 December 2009 at the UNFCCC COP15 in Copenhagen. The policy brief, addressed primarily to UNFCCC negotiators, surveys Party positions on technology transfer in the UNFCCC negotiations and tested areas of contention against evidence in the academic literature offering recommendations to negotiators. A webcast of the side event is available.

Co-authors of the brief are Ecologic Institute Fellows Christiane Gerstetter and Dominic Marcellino as part of a  project on the Assessment of Proposals on Climate Technology Transfer, supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The brief, released at a policy briefing in Washington, DC in November 2009, has been widely disseminated prior to the opening of the UNFCCC meeting in Copenhagen on 7 December 2009.

The COP15 side event titled “Accelerating cooperation and financing for climate technology: Innovative programs, experiences, and current proposals” took place in the Bella Center, the COP15 venue, in front of an international audience. The event was organized jointly by Ecologic Institute; the International Center For Environmental Technology Transfer, Japan; Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands; the National Renewable Energy Labs (US); and the Climate Technology Initiative.

A webcast of the side event and the presentations from the event are available on the COP15 website.

Ecologic Institute US (EIUS), United States
11 December 2009
Copenhagen, Denmark
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