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Technology Transfer in the International Climate Negotiations

Technology Transfer in the International Climate Negotiations

The State of Play and Suggestions for the Way Forward

This article by Christiane Gerstetter, Dominic Marcellino, and Elena von Sperber explores the state of the climate technology transfer negotiations following the COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009. The article appears in the Spring 2010 edition of the journal Carbon and Climate Law Review.

Facilitating the transfer of climate-friendly technologies to developing countries is one of the main elements of the ongoing UNFCCC climate change negotiations. Despite limited progress overall during the 2009 COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen, clear progress was nevertheless made on the issue of technology transfer. Challenging issues remain for future negotiations, but consensus is evident on several important features, including the establishment of a technology mechanism and a new green climate fund. This article assesses the current state of the technology negotiations and draws lessons from experience and the academic literature to provide recommendations for the implementation of these proposed, new institutional mechanisms.

The article is available for download.

The article was completed as part of a grant provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation for the project "Assessment of Proposals on Climate Tech Transfer".


Gerstetter, Christiane; Dominic Marcellino and Elena von Sperber 2010: "Technology Transfer in the International Climate Negotiations - The State of Play and Suggestions for the Way Forward". Climate and Carbon Law Review, Vol. 3, No. 1, 3-12.

Published In
Journal: Climate and Carbon Law Review ,Vol. 3 | No. 1
9 pp.
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Table of Contents

I.    Introduction
II.   Technology Transfer in the Climate Negotiations
III.  Assessment of the Copenhagen Outcome and Lessons for Future Negotiations
1.   The Copenhagen Green Climate Fund – Lessons from Existing Funds
2.   An Assessment of the Proposed Technology Mechanism
IV.  Conclusions

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