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Decoupling: Economic Growth – Transport – Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Decoupling: Economic Growth – Transport – Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Road transport is the most important driver for increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union and is therefore critical to achieving the EU’s 20% greenhouse gas reduction target in 2020. The objective is to decouple economic growth and the demand for transport with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This video (8:36 Min.) visualizes European data on economic growth, transport and greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally Benjamin Görlach, Senior Fellow at the Ecologic Institute in Berlin, explains in an interview which policy measures could help to to bring about a sustainable European transport and mobility system.



Kemper, Melanie 2010: Decoupling: Economic Growth – Transport – Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Berlin: Ecologic Institute. Video online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1Z3vE69z4A


Producer: Melanie Kemper
Speaker: Jordan Selig
Interview Partner: Benjamin Görlach

8:33 min
economy, transport, passenger, freight, greenhouse gas emissions, climate, policy, sustainable development, decoupling, growth, environment, European Union, Europe