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Environmental Impacts of Arctic Shipping

Environmental Impacts of Arctic Shipping

22 February 2011

Sandra Cavalieri, Fellow and Arctic Programme Coordinator at Ecologic Institute, spoke to decision-makers, scientists and industry experts on the environmental impacts of Arctic Shipping at the Symposium on Arctic shipping held at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin on 22 February. The presentation is available for download.

The Canadian Embassy’s Symposium on Arctic shipping focused on climate change and commercial shipping, the realities of Arctic shipping, Arctic marine infrastructure and safety, German commercial interests in Arctic shipping and environmental impacts of Arctic shipping. Sandra Cavalieri presented the environmental impacts according to five broad categories: emissions; waste; accidents; invasive species and noise. She summarized the key policy needs to address these impacts, especially through the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The presentation [pdf, 1.1 MB, English] is available for download.

22 February 2011
Berlin, Germany
shipping, environmental policy, international relations, international institutions,, Arctic, Arctic Ocean, North Pole