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Access to Energy in Developing Countries

Access to Energy in Developing Countries

Access to Energy in Developing Countries


Despite the continuous international efforts to reduce energy poverty, about 2.7 billion people do not have access to modern energy services in the developing countries. This project analyses the current situation, outlines the main challenges but also provides best practice examples how the challenges can be met. The final results of this project are available for download.

The underlying objective of this project is to inform the European Parliament and provide recommendations on how the access to energy can be improved in the developing countries. The project focuses on the regions where the largest shares of people without access to energy live. Most important in this context are the rural areas, especially in India and in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The project analyses the access to modern energy services and includes a description of the general situation as well as current and planned projects that aim at increasing the access to energy. A focus is further set on the renewable energies and their role in the context of improving the access to energy, especially in rural areas. In addition, the role of the EU with regard to international financing activities is analyzed. Finally, policy recommendations are provided on how the EU and also the European Parliament can help to improve the access to energy.

The final results of this study [pdf, 1.2 MB, English] have been presented on 9 November 2011 at the European Parliament development committee to support a motion for a European Parliament resolution on EU development cooperation in support of the objective of universal energy access by 2030. This study provided the required scientific knowledge and information. Further, the project team was asked to comment on and amend the draft resolution where necessary.


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Christine Lucha
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Sebastian Veit
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