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Insights from Green Infrastructure projects in the EU

Insights from Green Infrastructure projects in the EU

17 January 2012

Decision makers and policy experts from a range of sectors met in Brussels to discuss the potential of green infrastructure for addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues currently facing Europe.

Organized by the Directorates-General Environment of the European Commission in light of the upcoming EU strategy on green infrastructure, a workshop entitled "Insights from Green Infrastructure projects in the EU" was held on 17 January 2012. The cross-sectoral nature and relevance of the subject brought together representatives of DG Environment, DG Clima and DG Regio as well as policy experts commissioned for several relevant research projects.

McKenna Davis and Timo Kaphengst were amongst the invited speakers and presented the results of the studies "Design, Implementation and Cost Elements of Green Infrastructure Projects" and "Ecosystem-based approaches for climate change adaptation and mitigation", respectively. The studies and the workshop will contribute to the EU’s post-2010 biodiversity policy and the development of the upcoming EU green infrastructure strategy.

The presentations are available for download:

European Commission, Directorate-General Environment (DG Environment)
17 January 2012
Brussels, Belgium
green infrastructure, biodiversity, ecosystem-based approaches, climate change