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Occupied Palestinian Territory

Occupied Palestinian Territory

Social and Economic Benefits of Enhanced Environmental Protection

A transition to a green economy would create more social well-being and reduce environmental risks. This is the result of an analysis for European Neighbourhood Policy countries and the Russian Federation on social and economic benefits of enhanced environmental protection. The occupied Palestinian territory country report is available for download.

The overall objective of the project "Social and Economic Benefits of Enhanced Environment Protection in ENP Countries" is to increase the importance of the environment on the agenda of these governments and improve their awareness on social and economic benefits of environmental improvements by analysing these benefits for each specific country.

The project's activities are undertaken in all ENP countries and the Russian Federation:

  • Eastern countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.
  • Southern countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria and Tunisia.

The report [pdf, 2.1 MB, English] is available for download.

All project reports, including those for the remaining ENP countries, can be downloaded from the project website.


Görlach, B., Möller-Gulland, J., Bar-On, H. and Atrash, I. 2011. Analysis for European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Countries and the Russian Federation of social and economic benefits of enhanced environmental protection – occupied Palestinian territory Country Report.

Imad Atrash
221 pp.
Project ID
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Country Overview: occupied Palestinian territory
  3. Benefits of improving air related conditions
  4. Benefits of improving water related conditions
  5. Benefits of improving Solid waste related conditions
  6. Benefits of improving nature related conditions
  7. Benefits of improving climate change related conditions
  8. References
  9. Annexes
Environmental policy trade-offs, environmental and social benefits, environmental quality improvements, ENPI, ENPI countries, Palestine, Middle East, Asia