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Design, Implementation and Cost Elements of Green Infrastructure Projects

Design, Implementation and Cost Elements of Green Infrastructure Projects

7 March 2012

The Estonian Environmental Board organized a seminar on "Protected Areas as Part of Green Infrastructure" in connection with the annual EuroParc Nordic-Baltic Section Member Meeting. McKenna Davis spoke about the design, implementation and cost elements associated with green infrastructure projects. Attendees included representatives of the European Commission and Baltic and Nordic national parks, environmental ministries, nature conservation agencies and environmental NGOs.

In May 2011, the European Commission released a strategy to halt the loss of biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystem services in the EU by 2020. This seminar focused on Target 2 of the Strategy, to maintain and enhance ecosystems and their services by establishing green infrastructure and restoring degraded ecosystems. Discussions centered on integrated approaches to spatial planning and the potential to address climate change mitigation and adaptation, cultural heritage preservation, habitat fragmentation and other pressing issues across Europe by investing in and building up green infrastructure.

The presentation [pdf, 1.35 MB, English] is available for download.

7 March 2012
Roosta, Estonia
green infrastructure, biodiversity, ecosystem services, protected areas