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Adaptation Measures in the EU: Policies, Costs, and Economic Assessment


Adaptation Measures in the EU: Policies, Costs, and Economic Assessment

Climate Proofing Report #2


Susanne Altvater, Debora de Block, Irene Bouwma, Thomas Dworak, Ana Frelih-Larsen, Benjamin Görlach, Claudia Hermeling, Judith Klostermann, Martin König, Markus Leitner, Natasha Marinova, Sabine McCallum, Sandra Naumann, Daniel Osberghaus, Andrea Prutsch, Christiane Reif, Kaj van de Sandt, Rob Swart, Jenny Tröltzsch 2012: Adaptation Measures in the EU: Policies, Costs, and Economic Assessment.

In this second part of the published report, existing policies were shown to be partly insufficient for satisfying adaptation needs, and thus the inclusion of new measures into existing policies is required. Based on the review of existing measures suitable for climate change adaptation in key policies as well as interviews with key EC representatives, additional measures and adjustments to existing measures have been identified that are necessary to respond to the impacts of climate change. This includes consideration of possible support for "climate proofing". The report is available for download.

The outcome of the report was a matrix of measures, indicating the EU policy areas vis-à-vis corresponding measures. It follows an initialassessment of whether accompanying measures can be established to support the "climate proofing" of existing EU legislation (e.g. guidelines, funding instruments), or whether legislative adjustments and new instruments would need to be implemented. A final selection of measures agreed upon with the Commission was further examined in terms of costs (chapter 4) and the assessment of impacts (chapter 5).

The Climate Proofing report, part 2, [pdf, 2.5 MB, English] is available for download.


Debora de Block
Irene Bouwma
Thomas Dworak
Claudia Hermeling
Judith Klostermann
Martin König
Markus Leitner
Natasha Marinova
Sabine McCallum
Daniel Osberghaus
Andrea Prutsch
Christiane Reif
Kaj van de Sandt
Rob Swart
309 S.
Table of contents
adaptation measures, cost-benefit-analysis, economic assessment, energy, agriculture, infrastructure and transport, urban areas