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Meet the Electrons: Light Scenario

Willkommen bei Familie Electron

Meet the Electrons: Light Scenario

Video Scenario Explores the Benefits of Smart Homes


University of Nottingham 2011: Meet the Electrons: Light Scenario. English version. Video online:

This video deals with the British family "Electron" who use Smart Home technologies for environmental protection reasons. The video illustrates the advantages of Smart Homes including among other features a detailed control over power consumption.

The video is part of a video series about Smart Homes. It was presented for focus group workshops with the purpose of distinguishing potential target groups for Smart Home devices. The goal of the videos was to allow focus group members to develop their own opinions about Smart Homes. The workshops were organized under the project "Consumer Preferences for Smart Homes: Comparative Study between the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy". The aim of the project is to assess future user acceptance of Smart Home features, which include data networking and controllability.

The English original version was initially produced by Murray Goulden (University of Nottingham) and Horizon Digital Economy Research.

As part of the research project,  Ecologic Institute created a German version of the video for the German project workshop. Ida Lübben did the German translation and voiceover of the video; Melanie Kemper was responsible for audio and editing.

smart home, saving energy, technology, consumer, energy, efficiency, housing, renewable energy, smart grid