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Sustainable Lifestyle – InContext Poster Series


Sustainable Lifestyle – InContext Poster Series


Beáta Vargová (Design), Katharina Umpfenbach (Concept) 2013: Sustainable Lifestyle – InContext Poster Series. Poster. Berlin: Ecologic Institute.

As part of the project InContext, Ecologic Institute has designed four posters concerned with sustainable lifestyle initiatives in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. The posters, illustrated with photos and maps, provide in-depth information on the process and results of the initiatives. They were displayed at the final project conference of InContext and are available for download.

The posters were used to foster interaction among participants. They were displayed in an open exhibition and later presented and discussed in smaller round tables in a World Café format.

The posters offer insights into the following pilot projects and case studies which support sustainable living:

The project InContext aims at investigating the drivers of and barriers to a sustainable lifestyle at local and individual levels. Its final conference informed representatives of local initiatives, policy-makers and researchers about the project results and invited them to exchange ideas and experiences.

For more information regarding the case studies and pilot projects, please visit the InContext website.


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Media format: Series of 4 posters
Concept: Katharina Umpfenbach
Graphic design: Beáta Vargová

4 Din A0
Project ID
community, neighbourhood, Blossoming Carnisse, Gemeinsam Landwirtschaften, GELA, Community-Supported Agriculture, CSA, biodynamic farming, networking, sustainable development, SD
Rotterdam, Finkenstein, Carinthia, Wolfhagen, Hesse, The Netherlands, Austria