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The Sevilla Process: A Driver for Environmental Performance in Industry

The Sevilla Process: A Driver for Environmental Performance in Industry

6 April 2000 to 7 April 2000

The aim of the conference is to provide information on the "Sevilla Process", the drafting of "Best Available Techniques" (BAT) Reference Documents according to Article 16 (2) of the IPPC Directive. The conference promotes the implementation of the Directive and features the increased application of environmentally advanced techniques in Europe.

The conference aims at:

  • Explaining the background of the IPPC Directive for setting in motion a process of environmental modernisation in industrial technology.
  • Assessing the work of developing Best Available Techniques Reference Documents (BREFs) and reflecting the procedures and work of the European IPPC Bureau (EIPPCB).
  • Informing about the content of BREFs, their structure, their purpose and their use.
  • Demonstrating how conflicts and difficulties were overcome.
  • Reporting on first experiences with BREFs in issuing permits for industrial installations.
  • Presenting approaches of permitting authorities in various EU Member States.
  • Indicating future directions and challenges for BREFs and their application.

The audience consists of representatives of all parties involved in technical pollution abatement such as environmental administrations, notably the permitting authorities, representatives of the industry, technical development institutions, industrial associations, policy makers and environmental NGOs from EU Member States and Applicant Countries.

The conference languages are English, German and French.

Stefanie Bär
Uwe Büsgen
Heinz-Werner Hölscher
6 April 2000 to 7 April 2000
Stuttgart, Germany
English, French, German
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BREF Notes, IPPC Directive, Sevilla, technology, conference, water, soil, air, waste, industry, European environmental policy, noise, energy efficiency, implementation, control