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Ecologic Institute Newsletter

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Ecologic Newsletter No 20 - October 2004

  1. Kyoto and Beyond: Climate Change and Transatlantic Storms - Dinner Dialogue with Lee Lane
  2. Effects of the Ecological Tax Reform - Workshop
  3. How to strengthen the European Strategy for Sustainable Development - Publication
  4. On Top of a Melting World: the Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous People in the Arctic Region - Dinner Dialogue with John Crump 
  5. Public Policies for Changing the "European Way of Life" - Lecture by R. Andreas Kraemer
  6. The Dismantling of the German Federal Health Agency: A Case of (Failed) Institutional Precaution - Publication

Ecologic Newsletter No 19 - September 2004

  1. Producing and marketing sustainable goods  – Chances for small, medium-sized businesses and trade enterprises - Expert Dialogue
  2. Sustainable futures and leadership in business - Dinner Dialogue with Francisco Szekely
  3. Legal context for emissions trading completed
  4. Water uses and the protection of water bodies, steering mechanisms of environmental policy - Publication
  5. Yearbook Ecology 2005

Ecologic Newsletter Birthday Special No 18 - August 2004

Ecologic has something to celebrate: We enter our 10th year on 29 August 2004.

  1. EC Competence in International Environmental Treaties with regards to the OSPAR Convention - Publication
  2. New Directions in Global Environmental Governance - Dinner Dialogue with Maria H. Ivanova 
  3. The Draft Constitution for Europe and the Environment - Publication
  4. The Linking Directive - Can JI and CDM be safety valves for the European Emissions Trading System? - Climate Talk
  5. Differential Effects of Enlargement on EU Environmental Governance - Publication
  6. Heavily Modified Water Bodies - Synthesis of 34 Case Studies in Europe - Publication
  7. JEEPL - Journal for European Enviromental & Planning Law

Ecologic Newsletter No 17 - August 2004

  1. German Federal Cabinet resolves upon draft energy law
  2. Rules on the Grid Access in the European Union's liberalised electricity market - Dissertation
  3. Linking Transboundary River Management to Water Security: the Example of Flooding in Europe - Publication
  4. Screening methods for Water data Information in support of the Water Framework Directive (SWIFT-WFD)
  5. Potential not yet exhausted - Cost aspects of the European Water Framework Directive - Publication
  6. Launch of two new OekoWorld Mutual Investment Funds (Stocks and Bonds)

Ecologic Newsletter No 16 – July 2004

  1. Labour Unions’ contribution to sustainable consumption and production – UNEP Report
  2. We the peoples: Civil Society, the United Nations and Global Governance - Report
  3. Integrated Water Resource Management for Latin America and the Caribbean
  4. Agricultural Education and Fair Trade - A Path to Rural Development? - Dinner Dialogue with José Zaglul
  5. New Briefing Notes for the European Parliament Environment Committee
  6. Data Gathering for Emissions Trading in Germany - Publication

Ecologic Newsletter No 15 - June 2004

  1. Consumer Interests and Sustainable Development in International Law - Study online
  2. Cost-effective Combinations of Measures under the Water Framework Directive – Handbook published
  3. The German Water Sector: From Liberalisation to Modernisation – Presentation online
  4. Relationship between Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and WTO Rules – Seminar Results
  5. Concerted Action on Trade and Environment (CAT+E) - Call for Papers
  6. Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns – Conference Summary online
  7. Municipalities as Innovation Centres for Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns – Expert Dialogue

Ecologic Newsletter No 14 - May 2004

  1. Side Event on Renewable Energies at the UN CSD-12
  2. Recommendations for 2004 of European Environmental Advisory Councils to the European Council Economic
  3. Instruments for Water Management - Publication of the Inter-American Development Bank
  4. EURATOM and the future EU Constitution - Article in the New Scientist magazine
  5. Global Warming and Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol - Dinner Dialogue with Prof. David A. Wirth
  6. Peter Kessler joins Ecologic as a Senior Policy Advisor

Ecologic Newsletter No 13 - April 2004

  1. Ecologic joins the IUCN
  2. Business game on Emissons Trading
  3. German Ministry of the Environment publishes brochure on the Aarhus Convention
  4. Ecologic joins the UN initiative Global Compact
  5. Conference "Dialogue on the National Strategy for Sustainable Development": results now online
  6. Land Use Planning and Management at the Local Level - Workshop Summary

Ecologic Newsletter No 12 - March 2004

  1. Heavily Modfied Water Bodies in the Danube River Basin – Workshop summary
  2. European Strategy for Soil Protection – Workshop announcement
  3. Relationship between Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and WTO Rules – Seminar announcement
  4. Emission Trading in Germany – Publication by Simon Marr
  5. The Central Asia and Mongolia Bioresources and Biosecurity Network – Publication by Kirsten Neumann

Ecologic Newsletter No 11 - February 2004

  1. Employment versus Environmental Protection? Ecologic participates in Radio Broadcast
  2. Universal Membership in UNEP - Summary of Round Table
  3. Civil Society and UN Relationships - Summary of Consultation Meeting with Juan Mayr
  4. The German Water Sector under European Regulation?
  5. Public participation in the Havel coordination area (Berlin-Brandenburg)
  6. The Role of Tradable Permits in Water Pollution Control
  7. The Precautionary Principle in German Environmental Law
  8. Ecologic Brief: Applying EU Environmental Legislation

Ecologic Newsletter No 10 - January 2004

  1. Round Table on UNEP reform process
  2. Ecologic and IEEP consult the European Parliament Environment Committee
  3. Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns - National Dialogue after the WSSD
  4. Newsletter series on the Lille IV Conference
  5. The Economic Analysis according to the Water Framework Directive
  6. Selecting cost-effective sets of measures for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive
  7. 'Open Method of Co-ordination' in EU environmental policy
  8. "Greening the Chatham House Rule" - Richard Tarasofsky moves to the RIIA in London

Ecologic Newsletter No 9 – December 2003

  1. Ecologic on the Board of the Bellagio Forum for Sustainable Development
  2. Interaction between MEAs and WTO: Information Exchange and observership
  3. After the World Summit for Sustainable Development The Double Nexus between Sustainable Development, Globalization and Security
  4. Prof. Peter M. Haas presentation on UN Reform and the future of UNEP
  5. UN – Civil Society Relations. Consultation with Juan Mayr Maldonado
  6. Supporting the transboundary WFD - Implementation Processes: The Economic Analysis in the Danube River Basin
  7. Workshop on the European Strategy for Soil Protection

Ecologic Newsletter No 8 - November 2003

  1. The Use of Environmental and Social Criteria in Export Credit Agencies' Practices
  2. Conference "Moving forward from Cancún"
  3. Institutional Interaction to Address Greehouse Gas Emissions from International Transport: ICAO, IMO and the Kyoto Protocol
  4. Conference Proceedings: EU: CAP and Enlargement - an Opportunity for Nature and Environment?
  5. Strategically Harvesting Environmental Lessons from Abroad
  6. Democracy, Efficiency, Transparency - The European Convention's Proposals for Institutional Reform from an Environmental Perspective
  7. The Division of Competencies- Reform Suggestions and Implications for the Environment

Ecologic Newsletter No 7 - October 2003

  1. International comparison of water management systems
  2. Intellectual Property Rights Regimes and the Conservation of Genetic Resources
  3. The Economic Analysis according to the WFD: Status of Implementation
  4. Publication on Environmental Liability
  5. Ecologic Brief - The European Consitution
  6. Ecologic Brief - Energy Policy in the Constitutional Treaty
  7. The thirsty planet - Series on the future of water
  8. Institute for European Environmental Policy London has moved

Ecologic Newsletter No 6 - September 2003

  1. Ecologic in Cancún
  2. Climate protection and law
  3. Ecologic joins the Bellagio Forum for Sustainable Development
  4. Greenhouse Gas Reductions - Action across the Atlantic
  5. Ecologic supports the Yearbook Ecology
  6. Simon Marr participates in Bucerius Summer School on Global Governance

Ecologic Newsletter No 5 - August 2003

  1. Risks of Mobile Telecommunication
  2. Cost-effective Combination of Measures in the Framework of the Water Framework Directive
  3. Social Issues in Water Services
  4. Conference on the Global Governance of Trade, Environment and Sustainable Development
  5. New Fellow at Ecologic: Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf 
  6. New Interns: Alice von Bieberstein & Giulia Dal Co

Ecologic Newsletter No 4 - July 2003

  2. HarmoniCOP - Public Participation and the European Water Framework Directive
  3. Recent developments in international treaties relating to forests 
  4. Ecologic Brief "Joining Forces in the Mediterranean"
  5. Liberalisation of water services in Europe: recent developments 
  6. New Fellow at Ecologic: Camilla Bausch
  7. Duke University Course on ''Environmental Policy in Europe"

Ecologic Newsletter No 3 - June 2003

  1. Applying EU Environmental Legislation in the field of Marine Protection
  2. Ecologic co-authors Kiev report
  3. BREF Waste Treatment Industries
  4. Economic Assessment of Groundwater Protection
  5. Competition Rules in the Water Sector
  6. Ecofuturum Background Study now available in English
  7. Ecologic Brief on Participation of NGOs in International Environmental Governance
  8. Ecologic Brief on Trade and Sustainable Development

Ecologic Newsletter No 2 - April 2003

  1. Report: Mediterranean Action Plan
  2. Website Ecologic Events
  3. Water Management in Latin America
  4. Conference on the Global Governance
  5. Publication of EcoFuturum Background Study
  6. Book Announcement: Treatment of a EU Directive
  7. Promotions at Ecologic

Ecologic Newsletter No 1 - March 2003

  1. EcoFuturum: Towards a European Constitution
  2. A new Transatlantic Fellow
  3. New Book on NGO Participation
  4. International Conference on Precautionary Flood Protection
  5. New Book on Transatlantic Co-operation
  6. Workshop: Air Pollution Abatement Planning
  7. Doctoral Thesis by Dr. Simon Marr, Ecologic Legal, just published
  8. International Conference on CAP and EU Enlargement


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