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Ecologic Institute Newsletter

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Ecologic Newsletter No 54 - August 2007

  1. What contribution can trade policy make towards combating climate change? - Project report published
  2. Evaluation of the German “Double-Presidency” through a climate protection policy lens - Climate Talk
  3. Public acceptance of renewable energy on the regional level - Project reports online
  4. Assessing policy maker demand for economic information: the case of exemptions in Art. 4 Water Framework Directive – Lecture
  5. The US Presidential Primary Process: Significance of Environmental Issues - Transatlantic Lunch Dialogue with Steven Clemons and Andrew Oros
  6. Yearbook Ecology 2008

Ecologic Newsletter No 53 - July 2007

  1. Federalism in Germany and the USA: Environmental Regulatory Implications and Trends - Project report published
  2. Water Framework Directive & Hydropower - Workshop key conclusions and summary report online
  3. Disproportionate Costs in the Water Framework Directive - Project results online
  4. Regulation of Water Supply in Germany - Publication
  5. The German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) continues activities on CSR - Online evaluation
  6. The Role of Renewable Energy in a Sustainable Energy Supply - The Example of Bioenergy - Lecture
  7. US and EU water policy frameworks - Lecture
  8. Economist in the field of climate policy and water policy - Employment

Ecologic Newsletter No 52 - June 2007

  1. A United Nations Environment Organization - Publication
  2. Comparative Domestic Policies - Experiences at the Subnational Level - Dinner Dialogue with Miranda A.Schreurs
  3. Sustainable biomass use in Europe - Publication
  4. Disproportionate Costs in the Water Framework Directive - The Concept and its Practical Implementation - Lecture
  5. GEM-CON-BIO & EPIGOV - two approaches to make "governance" tangible - Lecture
  6. Missed Chances on Energy Security - Essay
  7. Theoretical incentive properties of contingent valuation questions: Do they matter in the field? - Publication
  8. Fully qualified lawyer in the field of climate protection and energy - Employment

Ecologic Newsletter No 51 - May 2007

  1. Smart Grids - Future Electricity Grids in a Transatlantic Learning Center at the CSD 15
  2. The International Discussion in the Framework of the UN Conventions on Climate Protection and Biological Diversity - Lecture
  3. Beyond GDP - International Conference, 19-20 November 2007, Brussels
  4. Ecologic at the international climate negotiations in Bonn
  5. Future climate policy after 2012 - Capacity building workshop for new EU Member States and Candidate Countries
  6. World's First Fair Trade Sports Balls made with FSC Certified Latex
  7. Fellow Biodiversity and Rural Development - Employment
  8. Accountant - Employment

Ecologic Newsletter No 50 - April 2007

  1. EU Commission launches debate on further use of market-based instruments to support environment and energy related policy purposes
  2. Climate change and water adaptation issues - Publication
  3. Size, structure and distribution of transport subsidies in Europe - Publication
  4. Financing of Investments in the Water Infrastructure - Dinner Dialogue with Jay Benforado
  5. European Union Policy on Bioenergy - Publication
  6. Assessing the cost-effectiveness of environmental policies in Europe - Publication
  7. Broad Initiative for the strengthening of social ecological research
  8. Senior specialist Biodiversity and Agriculture - Employment

Ecologic Newsletter No 49 - March 2007

  1. Sustainability Impact Assessments - Lecture
  2. Amendments to the Waste Framework Directive - Study online
  3. Sustainability Criteria for Biomass - Experiences with FSC Forest Certification - Lecture
  4. Energy Security - A New Survey of the World - Publication
  5. Transparency, Information Disclosure and Participation in Export Credit Agency Cover Decisions - Publication
  6. Public Participation in the EU’s Sustainability Impact Assessments of Trade Agreements - Publication
  7. Renewable Energies in German and European Law - Publication
  8. Resettlement from flood-prone areas - Report online

Ecologic Newsletter No 48 - February 2007

  1. Sustainability Lounge: Global Markets between Climate Policy and Innovation
  2. Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble - Dinner Dialogue with Lester Brown
  3. Legal Implementation of User Charges for Global Environmental Goods - Publication
  4. Making trade sustainable impact assessment more relevant to trade negotiations - Publication
  5. Waste to  Energy - a Significant Contribution to Climate Protection - Workshop summary online
  6. Mission Sustainability - we face the challenge

Ecologic Newsletter No 47 - January 2007

  1. Handbook to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Publication
  2. EPIGOV conference discusses environmental policy integration at EU-level
  3. Ninth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity - Potsdam Recommendations online
  4. Water and Liberalisation. European Water Scenarios - Publication
  5. OECD Report: Mechanisms for Managing Public Environmental Expenditure in Selected OECD Countries
  6. Transatlantic Exchange: Announcing the 2007 American Council on Germany's McCloy Fellowship

Ecologic Newsletter No 46 - December 2006

  1. Capacity Building Seminar of the Climate Technology Initiative - Summary online
  2. Ecologic at the international climate summit in Nairobi, Kenya
  3. Windfall Profits and competition in the second period of the Emissions Trading System - Publication
  4. Public Acceptance of Renewable Energies: Ecologic carries out five Future Workshops
  5. Economic Implications of the German Ecological Tax Reform - Lecture
  6. Urban Sprawl in Europe - The Ignored Challenge - Publication
  7. Ecologic Employment

Ecologic Newsletter No 45 - November 2006

  1. Promoting Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China - Report online
  2. Capacity Building Seminar of the Climate Technology Initiative - Presentations online
  3. Ex-Post Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Environmental Policies - Lecture
  4. Resource Scarcity and its Impacts on the German Socio Ecomic Landscape - Prof. Dennis Meadows - Upcoming Event
  5. Material Efficiency Award to a design seminar by Norbert Kopytziok
  6. Ecologic has signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration

Ecologic Newsletter No 44 - October 2006

  1. RhineNet - Participatory management of the Rhine river basin - Final Conference
  2. Public Participation in European River Basin Management - Lessons from the HarmoniCOP project - Ecologic Brief
  3. Geographical indications and their contribution to environmental quality and linkages to social & cultural issues - Lecture
  4. The Environmental and Agricultural funding opportunities 2007-2013: their influence on landscape change and sustainable development - Lecture
  5. Scientist in the field of water - Employment

Ecologic Newsletter No 43 - September 2006

  1. The different paths to climate protection - competitive or complementary? - Climate Talk
  2. Efficiency of Resources - Innovations for the Environment and Jobs - Conference Report
  3. PRIME: Responsible Investment Management of Endowments - Toolkit online
  4. EU Enlargement: A Success Story? - Project Report online
  5. The costs of EU environmental policies to business - Project Report online
  6. Alive and Kicking: The First Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol - Publication
  7. Senior Controller - Ecologic Employment

Ecologic Newsletter No 42 - August 2006

  1. The Use of Market Incentives to Preserve Biodiversity - Project Report published
  2. Efficiency of Resources - Innovations for the Environment and Jobs - Conference Announcement
  3. Time to Adapt - Climate Change and the European Water Dimension - Conference Announcement
  4. Democracy, Stability, Integration - A Sustainable European Neighbourhood Policy? - Event Report
  5. Water Framework Directive and Agricultural Linkages at the EU Level: State of Play - Lecture
  6. Would a United Nations Environment Organization Help to Achieve the Millenium Development Goals? - Publication
  7. IEEP Vacancy for Research Officer

Ecologic Newsletter No 41 - July 2006

  1. Handbook for the EU-Water Framework Directive - Publication
  2. The Bottom Line. An Inheritance of Assets and a Legacy of Debts for the New Germany - Publication
  3. Can We Reconstruct Climate Policy? National Interests and International Action - Dinner Dialogue with Jonathan B. Wiener
  4. Transboundary river basin management in Uzbekistan 
  5. Socially Responsible Investing - Lunch Dialogue with Jacob Park 
  6. The Use of Market Incentives to preserve Biodiversity - Lecture
  7. McCloy Fellowship in Environmental Affairs - Call for Applications

Ecologic Newsletter No 40 - June 2006

  1. 20th Anniversary of the German Federal Ministry of Environment - Congratulations from Ecologic!
  2. European Neighbourhood Policy - Challenges for the Environment and Energy Policy - Ecologic Brief
  3. Public Procurement and Forest Certification - Ecologic Brief
  4. The Cardoso-Report on civil society involvement in the United Nations' affairs - Publication
  5. CO2- Capture and Sequestration- A Political Chance for Coal as Climate Protection? - Climate Talk
  6. Water Framework Directive meets Common Agricultural Policy - Opportunities for the future (CAP & WFD) - Policy Briefs published
  7. A Transatlantic Comparison on Corporate Responsibility: UN Global Compact Networks in Germany and the U.S. - Essay
  8. Urban Water Management: Case Studies Berlin and Emscher region - Lecture

Ecologic Newsletter No 39 - May 2006

  1. Urban environment and environmental techonologies - Discussion Paper
  2. The adequacy of EU action on flood protection, focusing on the Commission’s recent proposal - Publication
  3. The new National Allocation Plans (NAPs) - Lessons learned? - Climate Talk
  4. Waste reduction and recycling through extended producer responsibility - Study online
  5. The European Union as an Agent for Sustainable and Peaceful Development – Publication
  6. Selecting Cost-effective Measures under the EU Water Framework Directive - The Issue of Scale - Publication

Ecologic Newsletter No 38 - April 2006

  1. The Global Oil Peak and Climate Change - Implications for Growth in Germany - Dinner Dialogue with Dennis Meadows 
  2. Institutional Interaction in Global Environmental Governance: Synergy and Conflict among International and EU Policies – Book Publication
  3. Expert Talk on Article 12 Habitats Directive
  4. Fighting Corruption in the Water Sector – Bellagio Forum at the 4th World Water Forum and Expo 
  5. Life at a tipping point – Legislative climate policies at the state level – Dinner Dialogue with Jim Marzilli
  6. Instruments of Water Policy: from an instrumental to an objective-oriented approach - Publication
  7. Collaboration between WFD Implementation and Spatial Planning: Experiences from Schleswig Holstein - Lecture
  8. Common Agricultural Policy and Water Framework Directive - Lecture

Ecologic Newsletter No 37 – March 2006

  1. Working Together Towards Nature Protection in the Caucasus 
  2. The New US Energy Policy Act between Climate Policy and State Action - Dinner Dialogue with Susan F. Tierney
  3. European Energy Policy with special emphasis on the European Energy Charta – Lecture
  4. Global effects of doubled atmospheric CO2 content on evapotranspiration, soil moisture and runoff under potential natural vegetation – Publication
  5. Ecologic supports McCloy Fellowships in Environmental Affairs

Ecologic Newsletter No 36 – February 2006

  1. Handbook on improving public participation in water management - Publication
  2. Economic Evaluation of Flood Management Measures – Final report
  3. Climate Change Policies at the U.S. Subnational Level: Evidence and Implications – Discussion Paper
  4. Warsaw Conference on future EU Climate Change Policy - Summary online
  5. Public Participation in the RhineNet project - Lecture
  6. Moldova visiting Ecologic
  7. Ecologic successfully completes first module of Ökoprofil

Ecologic Newsletter No 35 – January 2006

  1. How does climate protection enhance economic development? – Press release
  2. US Energy and Climate Policy: Legislative Mandates after EU Carbon Trading and Montreal – Dinner Dialogue
  3. Nature Protection in the Caucasus - Conference announcement
  4. Water Framework Directive and Hydromorphology
  5. Ecologic at the International Climate Conference in Montreal, Canada
  6. Building partnerships for the development in the water sector – Workshop documentation online
  7. International course on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Morocco - Lectures
  8. Partnership between Ecologic, Yale University and IDDRI


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