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Ecologic Institute Newsletter

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Ecologic Newsletter No 94 – October 2010

  1. Harnessing Renewable Energy for Job Creation and Growth – Transatlantic Lunch with President Jochen Flasbarth and Senator Bernard Sanders
  2. Ecologic Institute supports negotiators at UN climate negotiations in China
  3. Evaluation of EU funding for local and regional energy agencies – Final report published
  4. CO2 emissions of new passenger cars – Final report published
  5. Energy Infrastructure - How the US and Germany will lead by example – Presentation
  6. The Divergent Paths of Renewable Energy in Germany and the United States - An Institutional and Cultural Explanation – Presentation
  7. The Ecological Footprint: How should we define prosperity in a world of scarce resources? – Dinner Dialogue with Mathis Wackernagel
  8. An Assessment of Technology Transfer Proposals and Needs for Diffusion – Presentation

Ecologic Newsletter No 93 – September 2010

  1. Ecologic Institute celebrates its 15th anniversary with over 200 guests
  2. US climate policy after a hot summer - from "Yes we can" to "Sorry - we tried"? – Climate Talk
  3. The Role of Ecology in Security Politics: Climate Change, Conflict and Security – Presentation
  4. Environmental Policy Think Tanks in the EU and USA - How influential? How independent? – Presentation
  5. The path to a mandatory US-ETS: the Chicago Climate Exchange, RGGI, and other starting points – Presentation
  6. Land and Ecosystem Degradation and Desertification: Assessing the Fit of Responses (LEDDRA) – Brochure
  7. Decoupling: Economic Growth - Transport - Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Video

Ecologic Newsletter No 92 – August 2010

  1. 15 Years for Ecologic Institute
  2. Ecologic Institute continues to support negotiators at UN climate negotiations
  3. Earth Summit 2012: How it can help with a global climate deal – Presentation
  4. From Copenhagen to Cancún - Roadmap for a European Climate-Realpolitik – Publication
  5. Bypassing Germany's "Reformstau": The Remarkable Rise of Renewable Energy – Publication
  6. Ecologic Institute at the Joint Statistical Meetings – Presentation
  7. The Importance and Impact of Wind Energy: Ethical Considerations – Presentation
  8. Financing Natura 2000 – Stakeholder Conference 

Ecologic Newsletter No 91 – July 2010

  1. Research on Geoengineering – Climate Talk
  2. It is time to end GDP’s sole reign – Publication
  3. Smart Energy Dialogue – Discussion
  4. Green Jobs - Green Growth: The New Energy Economy – Event
  5. Climate Protection and Renewable Energy – Informational Visitors Program
  6. Do hydro-climatic hazards intensify social tensions and conflicts? – Presentation
  7. "powerado plus": Learning about Renewable Energy in Schools – Seminars for Teachers
  8. ZDF German TV: Presumed Dead but Still Kicking – Documentation on Nuclear Power in Germany

Ecologic Newsletter No 90 – June 2010

  1. Ecosystem services in cultural landscapes – Publication
  2. Sustainability needs Strategy – Policy Brief
  3. Climate and energy policy under Obama – Lecture
  4. Nexus of water, corruption and climate change integrity, environment and climate change – Report online
  5. Quo vadis Carbon Trading? – Moderation
  6. John Hopkins Summer School on European Environmental Politics 2010
  7. Responding to Climate Change – Dinner Dialogue with Donald F. Boesch
  8. Transatlantic Exchange on Green Buildings and Architecture
  9. Information needs of practitioners in sustainable mountain development – Survey online

Ecologic Newsletter No 89 – May 2010

  1. Emerging Experimentalism in EU Environmental Governance – Publication
  2. Preserving Diversity - More International Attention to Biodiversity Protection – Publication
  3. Climate Change, Hydro-conflicts and Human Security – Policy Brief online
  4. Assessment of agricultural measures included in the draft River Basin Management Plans – Project report published
  5. Trade and Environment – Study online
  6. Corporate accountability – Proposals for reforms at the EU level – Publication
  7. Energy in Germany – Presentation to US Congress Chiefs of Staff
  8. Policy consulting by intermediary organizations – University Seminar

Ecologic Newsletter No 88 – April 2010

  1. Transforming Economies through Green Investment – Paper online
  2. Climate Finance – Which Goals and What Funds? – Climate Talk
  3. International Agreements on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Public Participation – an Introduction – Presentation
  4. Technology Transfer in the International Climate Negotiations – The State of Play and Suggestions for the Way Forward – Publication
  5. Update on North American Carbon Trading Initiatives – Panel Discussion
  6. When Their Home is Submerged – Who will Take the Climate Refugees in? – Panel Discussion
  7. UN has Unrivalled Legitimacy
  8. RADOST Annual Conference in Schwerin

Ecologic Newsletter No 87 – March 2010

  1. Call for Applications: ICAP Summer School for Emerging and Developing Countries, The Hague, 2010
  2. RADOST Annual Conference 2010 on 24 - 25 March in Schwerin
  3. Europe's Green Diplomacy: Global Climate Governance is a Test Case for Europe – Publication
  4. The International Climate Protection Law after Copenhagen – Publication
  5. Keeping Illegal Fish and Timber off the Market. A Comparison of EU Regulations – Publication
  6. Economist – Ecologic Vacancy

Ecologic Newsletter No 86 – February 2010

  1. Ecologic Institute in the International Year of Biodiversity 2010
  2. Sustainable development in the European Union. 2009 monitoring report of the EU sustainable development strategy – Publication
  3. Climate change mitigation in German agriculture – Study online
  4. Climate and Environmental Governance after Copenhagen – Transatlantic Lunch with Adil Najam
  5. Certification of Biofuels – Presentation
  6. Assessment of Proposals on Climate Tech Transfer – Final study online

Ecologic Newsletter No 85 – January 2010

  1. Linking Car and Bike Sharing with Public Transportation – Project Report online
  2. How Can Germany Reach its 40% Climate Mitigation Target in 2020? – Recommendations for Additional Measures – Study online
  3. Setting the Course for the Future, not Nursing a Hangover – After the Copenhagen Debacle, Europe Needs an Effective Strategy for Climate Negotiations – Publication
  4. Corruption Risks in Water Licensing. With Case Studies from Chile and Kazakhstan – Publication
  5. Living in the Laboratory? Geo-Engineering and the Right to Change the World – Publication
  6. Ecologic Institute Side Event in Copenhagen on Regional Adaptation for Coastal Areas
  7. The WTO Judicial Decision-Makers: How Do They Deal with Multilateral Environmental Agreements? – Lecture

Ecologic Newsletter No 84 – December 2009

  1. The World Intellectual Property Organisation – a Model for UN Environmental Reform?
  2. Ecologic Institute Technology Transfer Side Event at UNFCCC COP-15 in Copenhagen – Webcast available
  3. Active Climate Foreign Policy – Six Recommendations for the Foreign Minister – Publication
  4. Blueprint Germany – A strategy for a climate safe 2050: New WWF-study introduced and available for download
  5. Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (RCCAS) – Project report online
  6. Insights from the Arctic Transform project integrated into the Arctic Governance Project
  7. The Role of Agriculture in Future Climate Policies: Approaches in Germany and the United States – Ecologic Riverside Chat
  8. A Climate Protection Act for Germany – Lecture

Ecologic Newsletter Copenhagen Special No 83 – December 2009

  1. Upcoming Ecologic Institute Technology Transfer Side Event at UNFCCC COP-15 in Copenhagen, 11 Dec 2009, 6-8pm
  2. Ecologic Institute hosts side event in Copenhagen on regional adaptation for coastal areas
  3. Legal and Institutional Dimensions of the Copenhagen Regime – Publication
  4. Transatlantic Media Dialogue: Climate Change and Climate Policy in Europe and the US – Opportunities and Challenges in the Run-Up to the Copenhagen Summit and Beyond
  5. The international climate negotiations in Copenhagen – prospects for climate protection
  6. Linking of Emissions Trading Systems – Publication Series
  7. Economic Instruments between Kyoto and Copenhagen: quo vadis Climate Protection? – Lecture
  8. Global Carbon Market Institutions: An Assessment of Governance Challenges and Functions in the Carbon Market

Ecologic Newsletter No 82 – November 2009

  1. German premiere of the documentary film "The End of the Line"
  2. Which governance modes are suitable? – Publication
  3. The Future Outlook & Post-2012 Discussion – Lecture
  4. BSEC to Host Seminar on Technology Cooperation for Climate Objectives
  5. Environmental Think Tanks as Actors and Research Objects – Comparing the U.S. and EU Perspectives – Dinner Dialogue with James G. McGann
  6. Trends in EU energy and climate change policy – Lecture
  7. Semi-subsistence producers and biosecurity in the Slovenian Alps – Publication
  8. The Evolution of a Donation – How the United Nations Foundation Helps Achieve International Objectives – Publication

Ecologic Newsletter No 81 – October 2009

  1. Climate Change and Public Finances – Project report online
  2. RADOST project: Regional kick-off
  3. EU Forest Protection: Policy options presented at the EU Standing Forest Committee – Report online
  4. Security Through Energy Policy: Germany at the Crossroads – Publication
  5. The EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Experiences, Current State and Perspectives – Lecture
  6. The Global Institutional Architecture and the Financial Crisis – An opportunity for Sustainable Development? – Conference Report online
  7. Biomass certification schemes from both sides of the Atlantic – Event announcement
  8. Promoting democratic management of natural resources in Ukraine

Ecologic Newsletter No 80 – September 2009

  1. The Global Institutional Architecture and Sustainability – Ecologic Conference Results
  2. Sharing the Benefits of Using Traditionally Cultured Genetic Resources Fairly – Publication
  3. Our Low-Carbon Future? Lessons Learned and Current Opportunities from Both Sides of the Atlantic – Riverside Chat with Michael Allegretti and Dr. Georg Riegel
  4. Governing Water – International Law Development – The Principle of Subsidiarity – Publication
  5. Current Trends in the American Climate Debate and Prospects for a Global Deal in Copenhagen 2009 – Dinner Dialogue with Elliot Diringer and Nicole Wilke
  6. More justice through environmental protection? – Publication
  7. Linking Carbon Markets: Concepts, Case Studies and Pathways – Publication
  8. Linking Existing and Proposed GHG Emissions Trading Schemes in North America – Publication


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