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Ecologic Institute Newsletter

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Ecologic Newsletter No 93 – September 2010

  1. Ecologic Institute celebrates its 15th anniversary with over 200 guests
  2. US climate policy after a hot summer - from "Yes we can" to "Sorry - we tried"? – Climate Talk
  3. The Role of Ecology in Security Politics: Climate Change, Conflict and Security – Presentation
  4. Environmental Policy Think Tanks in the EU and USA - How influential? How independent? – Presentation
  5. The path to a mandatory US-ETS: the Chicago Climate Exchange, RGGI, and other starting points – Presentation
  6. Land and Ecosystem Degradation and Desertification: Assessing the Fit of Responses (LEDDRA) – Brochure
  7. Decoupling: Economic Growth - Transport - Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Video

Ecologic Newsletter No 92 – August 2010

  1. 15 Years for Ecologic Institute
  2. Ecologic Institute continues to support negotiators at UN climate negotiations
  3. Earth Summit 2012: How it can help with a global climate deal – Presentation
  4. From Copenhagen to Cancún - Roadmap for a European Climate-Realpolitik – Publication
  5. Bypassing Germany's "Reformstau": The Remarkable Rise of Renewable Energy – Publication
  6. Ecologic Institute at the Joint Statistical Meetings – Presentation
  7. The Importance and Impact of Wind Energy: Ethical Considerations – Presentation
  8. Financing Natura 2000 – Stakeholder Conference 

Ecologic Newsletter No 91 – July 2010

  1. Research on Geoengineering – Climate Talk
  2. It is time to end GDP’s sole reign – Publication
  3. Smart Energy Dialogue – Discussion
  4. Green Jobs - Green Growth: The New Energy Economy – Event
  5. Climate Protection and Renewable Energy – Informational Visitors Program
  6. Do hydro-climatic hazards intensify social tensions and conflicts? – Presentation
  7. "powerado plus": Learning about Renewable Energy in Schools – Seminars for Teachers
  8. ZDF German TV: Presumed Dead but Still Kicking – Documentation on Nuclear Power in Germany

Ecologic Newsletter No 90 – June 2010

  1. Ecosystem services in cultural landscapes – Publication
  2. Sustainability needs Strategy – Policy Brief
  3. Climate and energy policy under Obama – Lecture
  4. Nexus of water, corruption and climate change integrity, environment and climate change – Report online
  5. Quo vadis Carbon Trading? – Moderation
  6. John Hopkins Summer School on European Environmental Politics 2010
  7. Responding to Climate Change – Dinner Dialogue with Donald F. Boesch
  8. Transatlantic Exchange on Green Buildings and Architecture
  9. Information needs of practitioners in sustainable mountain development – Survey online

Ecologic Newsletter No 89 – May 2010

  1. Emerging Experimentalism in EU Environmental Governance – Publication
  2. Preserving Diversity - More International Attention to Biodiversity Protection – Publication
  3. Climate Change, Hydro-conflicts and Human Security – Policy Brief online
  4. Assessment of agricultural measures included in the draft River Basin Management Plans – Project report published
  5. Trade and Environment – Study online
  6. Corporate accountability – Proposals for reforms at the EU level – Publication
  7. Energy in Germany – Presentation to US Congress Chiefs of Staff
  8. Policy consulting by intermediary organizations – University Seminar

Ecologic Newsletter No 88 – April 2010

  1. Transforming Economies through Green Investment – Paper online
  2. Climate Finance – Which Goals and What Funds? – Climate Talk
  3. International Agreements on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Public Participation – an Introduction – Presentation
  4. Technology Transfer in the International Climate Negotiations – The State of Play and Suggestions for the Way Forward – Publication
  5. Update on North American Carbon Trading Initiatives – Panel Discussion
  6. When Their Home is Submerged – Who will Take the Climate Refugees in? – Panel Discussion
  7. UN has Unrivalled Legitimacy
  8. RADOST Annual Conference in Schwerin

Ecologic Newsletter No 87 – March 2010

  1. Call for Applications: ICAP Summer School for Emerging and Developing Countries, The Hague, 2010
  2. RADOST Annual Conference 2010 on 24 - 25 March in Schwerin
  3. Europe's Green Diplomacy: Global Climate Governance is a Test Case for Europe – Publication
  4. The International Climate Protection Law after Copenhagen – Publication
  5. Keeping Illegal Fish and Timber off the Market. A Comparison of EU Regulations – Publication
  6. Economist – Ecologic Vacancy

Ecologic Newsletter No 86 – February 2010

  1. Ecologic Institute in the International Year of Biodiversity 2010
  2. Sustainable development in the European Union. 2009 monitoring report of the EU sustainable development strategy – Publication
  3. Climate change mitigation in German agriculture – Study online
  4. Climate and Environmental Governance after Copenhagen – Transatlantic Lunch with Adil Najam
  5. Certification of Biofuels – Presentation
  6. Assessment of Proposals on Climate Tech Transfer – Final study online

Ecologic Newsletter No 85 – January 2010

  1. Linking Car and Bike Sharing with Public Transportation – Project Report online
  2. How Can Germany Reach its 40% Climate Mitigation Target in 2020? – Recommendations for Additional Measures – Study online
  3. Setting the Course for the Future, not Nursing a Hangover – After the Copenhagen Debacle, Europe Needs an Effective Strategy for Climate Negotiations – Publication
  4. Corruption Risks in Water Licensing. With Case Studies from Chile and Kazakhstan – Publication
  5. Living in the Laboratory? Geo-Engineering and the Right to Change the World – Publication
  6. Ecologic Institute Side Event in Copenhagen on Regional Adaptation for Coastal Areas
  7. The WTO Judicial Decision-Makers: How Do They Deal with Multilateral Environmental Agreements? – Lecture

Ecologic Newsletter No 84 – December 2009

  1. The World Intellectual Property Organisation – a Model for UN Environmental Reform?
  2. Ecologic Institute Technology Transfer Side Event at UNFCCC COP-15 in Copenhagen – Webcast available
  3. Active Climate Foreign Policy – Six Recommendations for the Foreign Minister – Publication
  4. Blueprint Germany – A strategy for a climate safe 2050: New WWF-study introduced and available for download
  5. Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (RCCAS) – Project report online
  6. Insights from the Arctic Transform project integrated into the Arctic Governance Project
  7. The Role of Agriculture in Future Climate Policies: Approaches in Germany and the United States – Ecologic Riverside Chat
  8. A Climate Protection Act for Germany – Lecture

Ecologic Newsletter Copenhagen Special No 83 – December 2009

  1. Upcoming Ecologic Institute Technology Transfer Side Event at UNFCCC COP-15 in Copenhagen, 11 Dec 2009, 6-8pm
  2. Ecologic Institute hosts side event in Copenhagen on regional adaptation for coastal areas
  3. Legal and Institutional Dimensions of the Copenhagen Regime – Publication
  4. Transatlantic Media Dialogue: Climate Change and Climate Policy in Europe and the US – Opportunities and Challenges in the Run-Up to the Copenhagen Summit and Beyond
  5. The international climate negotiations in Copenhagen – prospects for climate protection
  6. Linking of Emissions Trading Systems – Publication Series
  7. Economic Instruments between Kyoto and Copenhagen: quo vadis Climate Protection? – Lecture
  8. Global Carbon Market Institutions: An Assessment of Governance Challenges and Functions in the Carbon Market

Ecologic Newsletter No 82 – November 2009

  1. German premiere of the documentary film "The End of the Line"
  2. Which governance modes are suitable? – Publication
  3. The Future Outlook & Post-2012 Discussion – Lecture
  4. BSEC to Host Seminar on Technology Cooperation for Climate Objectives
  5. Environmental Think Tanks as Actors and Research Objects – Comparing the U.S. and EU Perspectives – Dinner Dialogue with James G. McGann
  6. Trends in EU energy and climate change policy – Lecture
  7. Semi-subsistence producers and biosecurity in the Slovenian Alps – Publication
  8. The Evolution of a Donation – How the United Nations Foundation Helps Achieve International Objectives – Publication

Ecologic Newsletter No 81 – October 2009

  1. Climate Change and Public Finances – Project report online
  2. RADOST project: Regional kick-off
  3. EU Forest Protection: Policy options presented at the EU Standing Forest Committee – Report online
  4. Security Through Energy Policy: Germany at the Crossroads – Publication
  5. The EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Experiences, Current State and Perspectives – Lecture
  6. The Global Institutional Architecture and the Financial Crisis – An opportunity for Sustainable Development? – Conference Report online
  7. Biomass certification schemes from both sides of the Atlantic – Event announcement
  8. Promoting democratic management of natural resources in Ukraine

Ecologic Newsletter No 80 – September 2009

  1. The Global Institutional Architecture and Sustainability – Ecologic Conference Results
  2. Sharing the Benefits of Using Traditionally Cultured Genetic Resources Fairly – Publication
  3. Our Low-Carbon Future? Lessons Learned and Current Opportunities from Both Sides of the Atlantic – Riverside Chat with Michael Allegretti and Dr. Georg Riegel
  4. Governing Water – International Law Development – The Principle of Subsidiarity – Publication
  5. Current Trends in the American Climate Debate and Prospects for a Global Deal in Copenhagen 2009 – Dinner Dialogue with Elliot Diringer and Nicole Wilke
  6. More justice through environmental protection? – Publication
  7. Linking Carbon Markets: Concepts, Case Studies and Pathways – Publication
  8. Linking Existing and Proposed GHG Emissions Trading Schemes in North America – Publication

Ecologic Newsletter No 79 – August 2009

  1. Global Carbon Market Institutions: An Assessment of Governance Challenges and Functions in the Carbon Market – Report published
  2. The Global Institutional Architecture and the Financial Crisis – An Opportunity for Sustainable Development? – Conference registration extended until 1 September 2009
  3. Project start RADOST – Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast
  4. Ecologic Institute at the Global Environmental Governance Forum
  5. German-U.S. Farmer Exchange 2009
  6. ICAP Summer School for Emerging and Developing Countries, Berlin 2009 – Event summary
  7. Transatlantic Climate and Energy Cooperation: Working together, learning from each other – Visitors Programme
  8. Second European Water Conference – Conference Report now available

Ecologic Newsletter No 78 – July 2009

  1. Economic Stimulus in Europe – Accelerating Progress towards Sustainable Development? – Study online
  2. The Global Institutional Architecture and the Financial Crisis – An Opportunity for Sustainable Development? – Conference registration open now
  3. Research Group on Ecosystem Services established
  4. Environmental Policies and Social Justice – Final Report Available
  5. Sustainability in policy evaluation reviewed – EPOS-Conference Documentation online
  6. Greening the Mediterranean: Europe's Environmental Policy toward Mediterranean Neighbours – Publication
  7. German Experiences in Sustainable, Low-Carbon Technologies Reach an American Audience – Radio Broadcast
  8. BMU-Conference: Rural Business: Ecological Future Markets for Rural Areas

Ecologic Newsletter No 77 – June 2009

  1. Launch Celebration for German Pollutant Release and Transfer Register – PRTR – Event summary
  2. German Perspectives on the Current CAP Reform – Policy Brief published
  3. International Cooperation on Climate and Energy – Visitors programme
  4. A Climate Protection Law for Germany – Lecture
  5. Water Governance in Europe – the Water Framework Directive – Lecture
  6. Global Climate Policy Debate – Lessons Learned and Preparations for Copenhagen – Chairing
  7. Ecologic Institute joins Water Footprint Network (WFN)
  8. Rachel Carson Award Nomination awarded to Ecologic Transatlantic Fellow Zoë Robaey

Ecologic Newsletter No 76 – May 2009

  1. A Climate Protection Law for Germany
  2. Water Framework Directive and Heavily Modified Water Bodies – Workshop key conclusions
  3. Evaluation of environmental quality in Austria in a European context – Publication
  4. National Stimulus Packages – Steps toward Recovery or Pathways to Progress? – Riverside Chat with Michael Kohlhaas and Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf
  5. Sustainable Development in Policy Assessment – Methods, Challenges and Policy Impacts – Updated conference programme and last chance for registration
  6. Newsweek: A Green Trade War? – Press
  7. On the Road to Copenhagen: Legal Aspects of the Post-2012 – Climate Law Conference
  8. Ethics, Transparency and Accountability – Chairing

Ecologic Newsletter Birthday Special No 75 – April 2009

  1. Policy Pathways Toward Improved Governance of a Warming Arctic – Seminar
  2. Transatlantic Transition towards a Low Carbon Economy – Dinner Dialogue with Christopher Flavin
  3. Transatlantic Recovery Plans: Green Jobs for a Cool Planet? – Transatlantic Lunch
  4. Overcoming the Economic Crisis with Renewable Energies: Policies and Infrastructures for Green Power Investments – Briefing
  5. The Role of Think Tanks in International Environmental Governance – Dinner Dialogue with Sonja Wälti
  6. The Evolution of EU Environmental Governance – Lecture
  7. The Changing Climate in U.S. Renewable Energy Markets and Policy: A USEPA Perspective on Renewable Energy Market Transformation in the U.S. – Transatlantic Breakfast with Matt Clouse
  8. Geoengineering and the Governance of International Spaces – Transatlantic Lunch with Paul Berkman & Ralph Czarnecki

Ecologic Newsletter No 74 – April 2009

  1. Ecologic Institute launches Washington DC office
  2. The evolution of EU environmental governance - Publication
  3. Protecting the Arctic marine environment in a changing climate – options for transatlantic and international governance - Lecture
  4. Sustainable Development in Policy Assessment - Methods, Challenges and Policy Impacts – Conference registration open now
  5. At a tipping point? How the debate on biofuel standards sparks innovative ideas for the general future of standardisation and certification schemes - Publication
  6. Mechanisms for Linking Emissions Trading Schemes - Publication
  7. Second European Water Conference – Conference Document online
  8. RAPIDO - Furthering rural development: fresh input from innovation leaders – video interviews available online


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