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Ecologic Institute Newsletter

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Ecologic Newsletter No 35 – January 2006

  1. How does climate protection enhance economic development? – Press release
  2. US Energy and Climate Policy: Legislative Mandates after EU Carbon Trading and Montreal – Dinner Dialogue
  3. Nature Protection in the Caucasus - Conference announcement
  4. Water Framework Directive and Hydromorphology
  5. Ecologic at the International Climate Conference in Montreal, Canada
  6. Building partnerships for the development in the water sector – Workshop documentation online
  7. International course on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Morocco - Lectures
  8. Partnership between Ecologic, Yale University and IDDRI

Ecologic Newsletter No 34 - December 2005

Season's greetings to all our readers. May the coming year be a fruitful, healthy, and sustainable one for you and yours! 

  1. Second background paper on „Water Framework Directive meets Common Agricultural Policy“ published
  2. Capacity Building on Climate Change Action Post-2012 – Event announcement
  3. IPPC-Information Day – Presentations online
  4. European Liberalisation Trends: Effects on the Water Sector in Germany - Lecture
  5. Valuing Ecosystem Services for WFD Implementation? – Lecture
  6. Ecologic welcomes Dr. Ingo Bräuer as a Fellow
  7. Ecologic is pleased to introduce two new researchers

Ecologic Newsletter No 33 - November 2005

  1. Water Framework Directive meets Common Agricultural Policy – Background paper online
  2. Legal Implementation of User Charges for Global Environmental Assets – Summary online
  3. European Workshop on Water Framework Directive and Hydromorphology – Presentations online
  4. IPPC-Information Day Baden-Württemberg – Event announcement  
  5. Monitoring methods in the frame of Water Framework Directive implementation - Event announcement
  6. How to improve integrative planning and land use instruments in cultural landscapes - Lecture

Ecologic Newsletter No 32 - October 2005

  1. On the Road to Sustainable Production in the Enlarged EU 
  2. Effects of Germany's Ecological Tax Reforms - Publication
  3. New Energy Law – the German Energy Sector on its way to liberalisation - Publication
  4. Implementing the Economic Aspects of the Water Framework Directive in the Elbe River Basin – Workshop Results
  5. Feed-In Tariffs’ and Eco-Taxes’ Contributions to Innovation - Experiences from Germany - Lecture
  6. Ecologic Transatlantic Fellows: Aaron Best and David Campbell

Ecologic Newsletter No 31 - September 2005

  1. Engaging the Climate Behemoths: Transforming Energy Policy in America and China - Dinner Dialogue
  2. Horizontal co-ordination of policies and application of the Open Method of Co-ordination (OMC) in EU environmental policy – Lecture
  3. European Liberalisation Trends: Effects on the Municipal Water Sector in Germany - Publication
  4. Sustainable Water Management in the Mediterranean - Publication
  5. German Experience with CO2 Data Gathering - Lecture
  6. Geographical Aspects of International Environmental Governance – Illustrating Decentralisation
  7. Economic Valuation of Environmental and Resource Costs: The Case of Germany - Lecture
  8. Yearbook Ecology 2006

Ecologic Newsletter No 30 - August 2005

  1. The National Climate Protection Program - Consequences for Climate Policy, Emissions Trading and Sectors not covered in Emissions Trading
  2. Contributions to Generational Accounting to Assess Sustainability - Dinner Dialogue
  3. CAT+E reports on trade and environment available for download
  4. Possible Contributions of the ESA Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Initiative for the WFD Implementation - Publication
  5. Ecologic receives Special Consultative Status from ECOSOC
  6. Ecologic Transatlantic Interns in 2005

Ecologic Newsletter No 29 - July 2005

  1. Ecologic Brief: The European Neighbourhood Policy – Challenges for Environmental and Energy Policy
  2. Danube River Basin Stakeholder Conference – Documentation online
  3. Wilton Park British German Forum 2005 - Britain and Germany and the USA: Friends Reunited? 
  4. The Need for New Monitoring Tools to Implement the WFD - Publication
  5. (Dis-)proportionality of Costs in the Decision on Exemptions - Lecture
  6. Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Environmental Policies in Europe - Lecture
  7. Transatlantic Environmental Relations at the Subnational Level - Lecture
  8. Ökoprofit-Project provides new impulses for environmental management at Ecologic

Ecologic Newsletter No 28 – June 2005

  1. Call for stronger International Environmental Governance
  2. Serge Lepeltier: ''Long live Ecologic''
  3. The Case for Valuation Studies in the Water Framework Directive – Report online
  4. On the Road to Sustainable Production in the Enlarged EU: Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) – Conference announcement
  5. Future strategy of municipal waste management (goal 2020) – Study online
  6. The UK's Use of its G8 Presidency to Focus on Africa and the Millennium Development Goals - Dinner Dialogue with Camilla Toulmin
  7. Behavioural motives within European Climate policy and their implications for the fulfilment of the European Kyoto target – Publication
  8. Transatlantic Environmental Cooperation on the Subnational Level

Ecologic Newsletter No 27 – May 2005

  1. Ecologic remembers Konrad von Moltke
  2. Active Involvement for sustainable water management in the Danube basin – Stakeholder Conference 
  3. Air Emissions Cap&Trade Programs: Revolution and Evolution in the U.S. – Dinner Dialogue with Sam Napolitano
  4. What is the Value of Water? Assessing Environmental and Resource Costs in the Water Framework Directive - Publication
  5. Possible methodology for the selection of cost-effective sets of measures in the Water Framework Directive - Publication
  6. Ecologic supports Environment-Friendly Innovation Award 2005 of Legambiente, Italy 
  7. Ecology and Design – University Course
  8. Trends in the European Water Sector - Lecture

Ecologic Newsletter No 26 - April 2005

  1. Towards a Stronger System of International Environmental Governance - Conference
  2. Common Agricultural Policy & Water Framework Directive (CAP & WFD)
  3. Transatlantic Climate Dinners - Wine & Ideas from the New World – Series of events
  4. Legal aspects of User Charges on Global Environmental Goods - Workshop
  5. Specific Needs of Developing Countries - Design Option for a UNEO – Policy Paper online
  6. Ecologic's 10th Anniversary
  7. Photos – People – Stories of Sustainability

Ecologic Newsletter No 25 - March 2005

  1. Green Ways to Growth - Dinner Dialogue with Jacqueline McGlade
  2. Kyoto Protocol Ratification - So what? 
  3. Reforming International Environmental Governance: An Institutionalist Critique of the Proposal for a World Environment Organisation - Publication
  4. Unbundling Rules in the Electricity Sector - Publication
  5. Solar and Wind Power: More Energy Security for the US? - Dinner Dialogue Jan McFarland and James H. Caldwell 
  6. European Liberalisation Tendencies - Implications for the German Water Sector - Lecture
  7. Dr. Sebastian Oberthür member of IDGEC's Scientific Steering Commitee

Ecologic Newsletter No 24 - February 2005

  1. Control of Land Use - Strategies, Instruments and Measures for Nature Protection - Publication
  2. Vital Soil - The Next Step Towards a European Soil Strategy - Background Paper online
  3. Water Framework Directive Monitoring - Policy Brief and Workshop
  4. The EU-Water Framework Directive as Possible Approach for Integrated River Basin Management - Publication
  5. International Comparison of Water Management - Publication
  6. Job Creation Potential of Clean Technologies - Study online
  7. Strategies of European Environmental Interest Groups for Influencing European Environmental Policy - Publication

Ecologic Newsletter No 23 - January 2005

  1. Quality has its price! But which? - Future of the Water Supply and Wastewater Sector - Publication
  2. Draft model international investment agreements for sustainable development 
  3. Making the Right Choice: a Methodology for Selecting Cost-Effective Measures for the Water Framework Directive - Publication
  4. The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and the Presidential Elections in the Ukraine - Dinner Dialogue with Annika Weidemann
  5. Utility Performance Indicators and Benchmarking in the EECCA - Lecture
  6. Allocation of Emission Rights in Germany - a first assessment
  7. Concerted Action Trade and Environment (CAT-E) - Conference Report

Ecologic Newsletter No 22 - December 2004

  1. The Impacts of Russian Ratification and American Election on the Climate Regime - Dinner Dialogue with Oran Young
  2. On the Environmental Dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy - Dinner Dialogue with Tony Long
  3. Effects of Germany's Eco-Taxes - two Reports now online
  4. Pollutant and Transfer Register (PRTR) in Germany - Report online
  5. A new Dimension of Environmental Liability in Europe? An Analysis of the EU-Directive on Environmental Liability - Publication
  6. Paradigm Shift in Energy Policy - Publication
  7. Light at the end of the tunnel? Participation and Transparency in Export Credit Agencies' Cover Decisions - Lecture
  8. Local Communities and Municipalities as Innovators for Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns - Expert Dialogue Proceedings online

Ecologic Newsletter No 21 - November 2004

  1. Germany's Ecotax successful
  2. Environmental and Resource Costs in the Water Framework Directive: the Case of Germany
  3. Earth Observation Services help meet Reporting Requirements 
  4. Public Participation in Water Management in the Co-ordination area Havel - Publication
  5. The Environment in the Future European Constitution - Publication
  6. Evolving Climate Policies in Europe and the US: Oceans Apart?
  7. Peter Beyer new editor for Climate Change and Emissions Trading for the ZUR
  8. Korean Water Experts visit Berlin

Ecologic Newsletter No 20 - October 2004

  1. Kyoto and Beyond: Climate Change and Transatlantic Storms - Dinner Dialogue with Lee Lane
  2. Effects of the Ecological Tax Reform - Workshop
  3. How to strengthen the European Strategy for Sustainable Development - Publication
  4. On Top of a Melting World: the Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous People in the Arctic Region - Dinner Dialogue with John Crump 
  5. Public Policies for Changing the "European Way of Life" - Lecture by R. Andreas Kraemer
  6. The Dismantling of the German Federal Health Agency: A Case of (Failed) Institutional Precaution - Publication

Ecologic Newsletter No 19 - September 2004

  1. Producing and marketing sustainable goods  – Chances for small, medium-sized businesses and trade enterprises - Expert Dialogue
  2. Sustainable futures and leadership in business - Dinner Dialogue with Francisco Szekely
  3. Legal context for emissions trading completed
  4. Water uses and the protection of water bodies, steering mechanisms of environmental policy - Publication
  5. Yearbook Ecology 2005

Ecologic Newsletter Birthday Special No 18 - August 2004

Ecologic has something to celebrate: We enter our 10th year on 29 August 2004.

  1. EC Competence in International Environmental Treaties with regards to the OSPAR Convention - Publication
  2. New Directions in Global Environmental Governance - Dinner Dialogue with Maria H. Ivanova 
  3. The Draft Constitution for Europe and the Environment - Publication
  4. The Linking Directive - Can JI and CDM be safety valves for the European Emissions Trading System? - Climate Talk
  5. Differential Effects of Enlargement on EU Environmental Governance - Publication
  6. Heavily Modified Water Bodies - Synthesis of 34 Case Studies in Europe - Publication
  7. JEEPL - Journal for European Enviromental & Planning Law

Ecologic Newsletter No 17 - August 2004

  1. German Federal Cabinet resolves upon draft energy law
  2. Rules on the Grid Access in the European Union's liberalised electricity market - Dissertation
  3. Linking Transboundary River Management to Water Security: the Example of Flooding in Europe - Publication
  4. Screening methods for Water data Information in support of the Water Framework Directive (SWIFT-WFD)
  5. Potential not yet exhausted - Cost aspects of the European Water Framework Directive - Publication
  6. Launch of two new OekoWorld Mutual Investment Funds (Stocks and Bonds)

Ecologic Newsletter No 16 – July 2004

  1. Labour Unions’ contribution to sustainable consumption and production – UNEP Report
  2. We the peoples: Civil Society, the United Nations and Global Governance - Report
  3. Integrated Water Resource Management for Latin America and the Caribbean
  4. Agricultural Education and Fair Trade - A Path to Rural Development? - Dinner Dialogue with José Zaglul
  5. New Briefing Notes for the European Parliament Environment Committee
  6. Data Gathering for Emissions Trading in Germany - Publication


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