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Akteursanalyse und Befragungen in RADOST


Akteursanalyse und Befragungen in RADOST

Klimaanpassung aus Sicht von Akteuren an der Ostseeküste


Stelljes, Nico; Doris Knoblauch; Grit Martinez and Robin Körth 2014: "Akteursanalyse und Befragungen in RADOST: Klimaanpassung aus Sicht von Akteuren an der Ostseeküste", in: Karin Beese et al. (eds.): Anpassung an regionale Klimafolgen kommunizieren. Konzepte, Herausforderungen und Perspektiven. [KLIMZUG-Reihe: Klimawandel in Regionen zukunftsfähig gestalten. München: oekom Verlag, 167-178.

Climate change is perceived as a problem by most stakeholders (policy makers, administrations and civil society) on the Baltic Sea Coast. However, they do not agree on how to deal with it. Nico Stelljes, Doris Knoblauch, Robin Körth and Grit Martinez sum up the findings of different surveys and interviews and compare them in their article.

Within the RADOST project (Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast), several stakeholders on the Baltic Sea Cost were interviewed using different methodologies. The topic of interest for all the surveys and interviews was stakeholders' views on adaptation to climate change on the Baltic Sea Coast.

The interviewees indeed perceive climate change as a problem in their region. However, what people do with this awareness differs to a great extent. Different adaptation measures were mentioned, which were either judged as necessary or have already been implemented. The uncertainty with regard to regional impacts of climate change was often mentioned. Furthermore, barriers to adaptation were discussed. An additional research question was who should be included as stakeholders in the field of climate adaptation.

The similarities and the differences of the interviews and surveys are addressed, and methodological experiences with the different types of surveys are discussed.

Climate change on the Baltic Sea Coast is perceived as a problem. However, there is no consensus on how to deal with this problem awareness.


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Robin Körth
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Book: KLIMZUG-Reihe: Klimawandel in Regionen zukunftsfähig gestalten, Vol. 2
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Baltic Sea Coast, Germany, Europe
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