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OekoVision Ethical Investment Fund Focusing on Small and Mid-sized Businesses

OekoVision Ethical Investment Fund Focusing on Small and Mid-sized Businesses

The OekoVision mutual fund or investment trust invests primarily in small and mid-sized companies that are ecological and ethical leaders in their sectors and regions, and that have the highest prospects for growth and profitability. OekoVision's asset management is A-rated by Standard & Poor and has received a prestigious Lipper Award.

OekoVision is marketed primarily in the German speaking regions of Europe. The MSCI World Index is the benchmark for OekoVision.

Profitable investments (see chart) are made in quoted companies which produce or trade in environmentally friendly technologies, durable consumer goods, or foods and other produce from certified organic agriculture, or that produce and use renewable energies. Businesses are also eligible if the show a strong commitment to social causes or promote Fair Trade and consumer protection. 

OekoVision does not make investments in companies involved in atomic power, military defence or chlorine chemistry, or that allow animal testing, use discriminating practices against people or a active in countries in which human rights are violated.

OekoVision's management at Fortis Bank specialises in the analysis of businesses and searches world-wide for interesting stocks from various sectors for investments that are suitable from a economic and financial perspective.  This selection is then screened by the Investment Advisory Board, which is co-chaired by R. Andreas Kraemer.

The independent Investment Advisory Board then assess the application of ethical and sustainable investment criteria, and - where appropriate - makes suggestions for the adaptation of criteria. The Board consists of representatives from organisations engaged in environment and development policy, consumer protection, and of experts in ecologically and socially sustainable economic development. 

OekoVision is suitable investors seeking to diversify and are interested in investments in clearly defined and credible, ecological and ethical investment universe, and are looking for an above-average long-term return in an important future market. 

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May 1996
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