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Compliance Checking of the Water Framework Directive Implementation

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Compliance Checking of the Water Framework Directive Implementation


The Water Framework Directive (WFD) obliged Member States to develop the first River Basin Management Plans and Programmes of Measures by December 2009 and to make a report of those to the European Commission by March 2010. The purpose of the programme of measures is to achieve the environmental objectives of the WFD.

Under its 'Framework contract to provide services to support the development and implementation of EU freshwater policies', the European Commission DG Environment awarded a Specific Contract to a European consortium to provide support in 'Compliance checking of the Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive Implementation'. Ecologic institute is partner in this consortium led by WRc.

The project is split into three main tasks, as follows:

  1. Support to the Commission in the compliance assessment of RBMPs from MS which adopted and reported their plans with delay;
  2. Support in the assessment of the Programmes of Measures (PoMs) and preparation of an EU Overview Assessment Report on MS implementation of measures associated with key pressures on European waters.
  3. Assistance to the Commission in assessing how measures to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive are integrated into the Rural Development Programmes (RDP) and relevant Operational Programmes submitted by MS.


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