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8th POLIMP Webinar: Are EU Climate Policies up to the Challenge of Decarbonizing Europe?


8th POLIMP Webinar: Are EU Climate Policies up to the Challenge of Decarbonizing Europe?

Berlin, Germany

We are excited to announce the eighth and final webinar in our POLIMP Webinar Series, which will feature a discussion on the topic "Are EU climate policies up to the challenge of decarbonizing Europe?" moderated by Ecologic Institute's Benjamin Görlach (Head, Economics and Policy Assessment).

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, 6 April 2016 from 11:00-12:00 CET and will feature guest speaker Prof. Michael Grubb, Professor of International Energy and Climate Change Policy at UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources and Chair of Climate Strategies.

Michael Grubb is author of eight books, fifty journal research articles and numerous other publications. He has held many advisory positions with governments, companies and international studies on climate change and energy policy, and has been a Lead Author for several reports of the IPCC on mitigation. His book Planetary Economics, which brings together the lessons from 25 years of research and implementation of energy and climate policies, was published in March 2014: it has received widespread accolade as a ‘seminal’ contribution, ‘comprehensive and profoundly important’ for its presentation of a new approach to both the theoretical underpinnings and the practical policies for tackling energy and climate change challenges. 

The webinar will feature a discussion about how the European climate policy instrument mix should evolve until 2050 to guide the decarbonization of the European economy in line with the Paris Agreement.

To watch the event live visit the webinar’s Google Hangout event page or Youtube Live Stream.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion, please send us your questions and comments by email ( or twitter (#POLIMPQuestions) before the event, or use the Q&A App on the Google Hangout event page during the live event.

If for any reason you are not able to make the live webinar, please visit the POLIMP Webinars Youtube channel soon after the event to view a full recording.

To find out more about the POLIMP research project, visit our website, or connect with us via Facebook or Twitter.


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Berlin, Germany
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