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Reform of the EU ETS: Making it fit for 2030

Reform of the EU ETS: Making it fit for 2030

2nd POLIMP Webinar
What impact will the reforms have on the EU meeting it’s 2030 Climate and Energy targets?

The second webinar in our POLIMP Webinar Series took place on Wednesday, 16 September 2015 from 16:00-17:00 CEST and featured a discussion on the topic "Reform of the EU ETS: Making it fit for 2030" moderated by Matthias Duwe (Head, Climate at Ecologic Institute). The webinar featured two main speakers:

Guest speakers:

  • Anja Kollmuss – Climate Policy Coordinator, CAN Europe
  • Andrei Marcu – Head of CEPS Carbon Market Forum, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)


The three discussed the recent legislative proposal for a revision of the EU emissions trading system (EU-ETS) adopted by the European Commission and explored what impact the reforms could have on the EU meeting it's 2030 Climate and Energy targets.

For each webinar viewers are asked to send questions and comments via email (questions@polimp.eu) or twitter (#POLIMPQuestions) before the event, or by using the Q&A App on the Google Hangout event page during the live event.

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The audio recording [mp3, 18.5 MB, English] is available for download.


Duwe, Matthias, Anja Kollmuss, and Andrei Marcu. 'Reform Of The EU ETS: Making It Fit For 2030'. POLIMP Webinar.16 September 2015. Web.

Anja Kollmuss (CAN-Europe)
Andrei Marcu (CEPS)
53:53 min.
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