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POLIMP Expert Surveys and Webinar Series: Online Tools for Stakeholder Engagement


POLIMP Expert Surveys and Webinar Series: Online Tools for Stakeholder Engagement

Berlin, Germany

Using a combination of web-based tools, the POLIMP project imparts expert knowledge on international climate negotiations and EU climate policy. Through the distribution of regular surveys to POLIMP's "Expert Response Group," opinions on key topics and recent developments in international climate negotiations are identified. The survey results are then shared in the POLIMP live webinar series, in which Ecologic Institute hosts an online discussion featuring experts in climate and energy policy.

In the lead-up and follow-up to the international climate talks in Paris at the end of 2015, Ecologic Institute is engaging key stakeholders, expanding the POLIMP community and contributing to discussions related to international climate negotiations using a unique combination of web-based tools. In addition to a new POLIMP Webinar Series capturing live online discussions with the EU's leading experts on climate policy, an online roster of climate policy experts has been developed to contribute to a regular POLIMP Expert Response Survey of expert opinion on key issues and recent developments. Topics for the individual webinars and surveys are flexibly selected to react to developments in EU Climate Policy and UNFCCC negotiations.

POLIMP Expert Response Surveys

The POLIMP Expert Response Surveys consist of eight "snap" surveys distributed over the span of nearly a year to an Expert Response Group pre-selected by the POLIMP project consortium.

Each survey and a matching report includes a EU Climate "Barometer" with recurring questions, thematic questions related to the topic of the corresponding Webinar and "Buzz of the Week" questions on recent developments.

The Expert Response Group is composed of stakeholders, policy-makers, industry representatives and researchers active in the fields of climate and energy policy. Each expert was handpicked and invited to participate by the POLIMP partners for their expertise, engagement with topics relevant to the project and tenure in the field.

The reports with full results of the POLIMP Expert Response Surveys are available on the POLIMP project website and serve as input for the POLIMP Webinars.

POLIMP Webinar Series

The new POLIMP Webinar Series is moderated by Matthias Duwe, Head of Climate at Ecologic Institute, who is joined by guest speakers carefully selected to on the topic.

Each webinar takes place as a Google Hangout and is hosted at its own Google Event, which is announced before its implementation on the webinar series Google+ page and the POLIMP project websiteRecordings of the webinars can also be viewed afterwards on a dedicated YouTube Channel and listened to as a podcast on iTunes.

Input from stakeholders is strongly encouraged; questions and comments can be sent by email ( or via Twitter (#POLIMPQuestions) before the event, while a Q&A App is available on the Google Hangout event page during the live webinar.

To find out more about the POLIMP research project visit our website.

Online tools providing expert insight on international and EU Climate Policy


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