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Regional Environmental Challenges and Solutions in the Pan-Atlantic Space


Tedsen, Elizabeth; R. Andreas Kraemer 2015: Regional Environmental Challenges and Solutions in the Pan-Atlantic Space.  ATLANTIC FUTURE scientific paper no. 32, Berlin.


Contributing authors: Lucy Olivia Smith and Katherine Weingartner

39 pp.
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Table of Contents

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. The Atlantic as a Geographic Space
3. The Pan-Atlantic Biosphere
4. From Ubiquitous Problems to Shared Solutions?
4.1. Climate Change and Atmosphere
4.1.1. Impacts of Climate Change
4.1.2. Response to Climate Change: Mitigation
4.1.3. Response to Climate Change: Innovation and the Price of Carbon
4.1.4. Response to Climate Change: Adaptation
4.1.5. Response to Climate Change: Energy Transformation
4.1.6. Energy-related Pollution
4.2 Water and Water-born Resources (fish)
4.2.1. Fisheries
4.2.2. Protection of the Marine Environment
4.2.3. The Atlantic High Seas
4.2.4. Sea-Bed Mining
4.2.5. Effects of Climate Change and Pollution on the Marine Environment
4.2.6. Freshwater in the Atlantic Basin
4.2.7. Water Supply and Sanitation Services
4.2.8. Virtual Water: The Hidden Trade in Water
4.3 Land and Food Production
3.3.1. Soil, Water, and Food Production
3.3.2. Obesity and Other Wastes of Food
3.3.3. Lungs of the Earth: The Forests of the Atlantic
4.4. Biodiversity
4.5. Chemicals and Waste
6. Inter- and Intra-Basin Dynamics
7. Conclusions