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Koordinierte Weltinnenpolitik: Zusammendenken im atlantischen Raum


Koordinierte Weltinnenpolitik: Zusammendenken im atlantischen Raum


Kraemer, R. Andreas and Camilla Bausch 2017: Koordinierte Weltinnenpolitik: Zusammendenken im atlantischen Raum. in: Ischinger, Wolfgang und Dirk Messner (Hg.): Deutschlands neue Verantwortung: Die Zukunft der deutschen und europäischen Außen-, Entwicklungs- und Sicherheitspolitik. Berlin.

The book, "Germany's New Responsibility" (Deutschlands Neue Verantwortung), contains contributions from 144 key political, practical and scientific thinkers, whose joint message underlines the challenges to and necessity of a new German foreign policy. In his article, R. Andreas Kraemer, founder and director emeritus of Ecologic Institute, explains how Germany, Europe and other western powers should react in the face of withdrawal and isolationist foreign policy by the USA. His contribution emphasizes the opportunities that arise through enhanced cooperation with countries in the South Atlantic and demonstrates how Germany can do justice to its global responsibility.

"Especially now that relations with the USA must be reconsidered, the greater Atlantic area offers multiple opportunities. The southern and northern Atlantic region, comprised of four continents, is astoundingly coherent. The area is dominated by four or five closely related languages, shaped by relatively similar legal systems and is already closely integrated through familial ties, tourism, communication, trade and investments. Values and ideals with regards to the structure and function of government as well as the role and rights of citizens are homogenous. In addition, the Atlantic area is comparatively conflict-free, even peaceful. Where else, if not around the Atlantic, could a further integration of foreign, development and security policy be successful?"

Munich Security Conference: R. Andreas Kraemer urges enhanced partnership with countries in the South Atlantic


R. Andreas Kraemer
Founder and Director Emeritus, Ecologic Institute
Visiting Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor, Duke University
Initiator and Convenor, Arctic Summer College

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