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Rostock 2050 – Measures for a post-carbon city

Rostock 2050 – Measures for a post-carbon city

19 May 2016

The workshop "Rostock 2050 - Measures for a post-carbon city, was the fourth and final workshop held in Rostock as part of the project Post-Carbon Cities in Europe: A Long-Term Outlook (POCACITO). In this workshop, the results of the modelling excercise undertaken by the POCACITO team were presented to and discussed with the stakeholders of the participation process in Rostock. The modellers had quantified the decided-upon measures and the ambitious measures of the post-carbon vision elaborated in the previous workshops. The results were presented in a "business-as-usual 2050" and a "post-carbon 2050" scenario. Learing from these results the participants dicussed the gaps remaining on the trajectory to a post-carbon future and which areas should be prioritized to be successful. Furthermore, a focus was on the question, how the EU or the national level could help the city of Rostock to reach its post-carbon goals.

The results of the participation process and the analyses of selected measures regarding their effectiveness to achieve a 2050 post-carbon city are presented in the strategy paper "Rostock als post-fossile Stadt 2050 STRATEGIEPAPIER" (German with English summary).

POCACITO runs from January 2014 to December 2016. The European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation is co‐funding the activity through its 7th Framework Programme (FP7), under the Theme Social Sciences and Humanities.