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Final Synthesis Booklet POCACITO


Final Synthesis Booklet POCACITO

Major Findings and Outputs of the POCACITO Project


Grünig, Max and Philipp Voß 2016: Final Synthesis Booklet. Major Findings and Outputs of the POCACITO Project. Ecologic Institute: Berlin.

Cities are of outstanding importance in addressing climate change since they are not only the centre of economic and social initiatives, but also responsible for the majority of global energy consumption and for approximately 60% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Stakeholders at the city level thus face significant challenges, which are addressed by the European research project Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow (POCACITO).

The POCACITO project facilitates the transition of cities to a sustainable or "post-carbon" economic and societal model in a global context. POCACITO uses a participatory approach that engages local stakeholders to create custom made transition strategies for ten case study cities. These strategies are then used to create a EU 2050 Roadmap, a stakeholder-driven guide towards the model "Post-Carbon City of Tomorrow" that merges climate, energy and social urban transitions.

This booklet gives an overview of the POCACITO project, focussing on the methodology used and most importantly on the major findings, results and outcomes of the project.

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Max Grünig
Philipp Voß
26 pp.
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Cities, post-carbon, urban development, economy, local governance, city planning
Europe, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Malmö, Istanbul, Lisbon, Litoměřice, Milan, Turin, Offenburg, Zagreb