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Evaluation of Indicators for EU Policy Objectives - Final Report


Gerdes, Holger; Samuela Bassi; Elisa Portale et. al. 2009: Evaluation of Indicators for EU Policy Objectives. Final report (D 2.2).

Samuela Bassi (IEEP)
Elisa Portale (FEEM)
Leonardo Mazza (IEEP)
233 pp.
Project ID
Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Objectives of the Project
1.3 Objectives of the Deliverable
1.4 Structure of the Report
2 EU Policy Context
2.1 Policy Timeline
2.2 Maastricht Criteria
2.3 The Lisbon Strategy – A Response to Socio-economic Challenges
2.4 Sustainable Development Strategy
2.5 GDP and Beyond: Measuring Progress in a Changing World
2.6 Europe 2020
3 Evaluation Methodologies
3.1 Choice of indicators
3.2 RACER Analysis
3.3 SWOT Analysis
3.4 Correspondence between SDI Criteria and IN-STREAM Evaluation Methodologies
3.5 Unresolved Methodological Issues
3.5.1 Methodological Challenges
3.5.2 Communicating Uncertainties
3.5.3 Advantages of different Methodologies used
4 Results Overview
4.1 Economic Indicators and accounting frameworks
4.2 Subjective wellbeing indicators / frameworks
4.3 Biodiversity Indicators
4.4 Resource Efficiency Indicators
5 Final Summary and Conclusions
6 Single Evaluations of the Selected Indicators
6.1 Economic indicators and accounting frameworks
6.1.1 Gross Domestic Product
6.1.2 SEEA Framework
6.1.3 Adjusted Net Savings (Genuine Savings)
6.1.4 Evaluation of the Indicators as a Group / RACER Analysis of the Basket of Indicators
6.2 Subjective wellbeing indicators / frameworks
6.2.1 Happy Planet Index
6.2.2 National Accounts of Wellbeing (NAW)
6.2.3 Human Development Index (HDI)
6.3 Biodiversity indicators
6.3.1 Red List Index
6.3.2 Pan European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) index
6.3.3 Potentially Disappeared Fraction (PDF)
6.3.4 Favourable Conservation Status (of habitats and species)
6.3.5 The Marine Trophic Index (MTI)
6.4 Resource efficiency indicators
6.4.1 Energy Intensity
6.4.2 GHG emissions
6.4.3 Waste
6.4.4 Basket of resource indicators
7 References
8 Technical Annex: RACER Criteria and Subcriteria

Maastricht criteria, Lisbon strategy, sustainable development, GDP and Beyond, SDI criteria, IN-STREAM evaluation methodologies, Gross Domestic Product, SEEA framework, Europe, RACER analysis, SWOT analysis, indicator selection