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EU Effort Sharing after 2020

EU Effort Sharing after 2020

Review and Ratcheting Up EU Climate Targets
Scaling up EU Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets: How to do it

The Paris Agreement requires Parties to scale up their commitments every five years, i.e., with each consecutive "nationally determined contribution" (NDC). The recent proposal of the EU Commission for an Effort Sharing Regulation is essential for the EU to meet this obligation. The proposal, however, does not support adequately continuous scaling up of the EU greenhouse gas reduction targets. A new paper from Ecologic Institute discusses ways in which the Effort Sharing Regulation could support the scaling up of EU climate targets. The paper is available for download.


Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf and Ralph Bodle 2016: EU Effort Sharing after 2020: Review  and Ratcheting Up EU Climate Targets. Ecologic Institute: Berlin.

22 pp.
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Table of Contents

1.    Summary
2.    Introduction
3.    Review under the Paris Agreement and the Effort Sharing Regulation
3.1.    Scope of the review
3.2.    Timing of the review
3.3.    Review based on a preparatory report?
4.    Ratcheting-up of targets under the ESR
4.1.    Maintain the status quo: Target adjustment through legislative proposal by the Commission
4.2.    Automatic scaling-up of target
4.3.    Scaling up delegated to the Commission
4.4.    Long term EU target that progresses over time
4.5.    Scaling-up targets in legislative process based on a qualified Commission proposal
4.5.1.    Deviation from independent body’s proposal?
4.5.2.    Who provides guidance: European Environment Agency or another body?    European Environment Agency    New independent body
4.6.    Conclusions
Annex 1: Target adjustment system – based on a qualified Commission proposal
Annex 2 Review and target adjustment system – based on an independent report
Annex 3:  Options for amending the ESR proposal