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Scenarios for International Climate Policy Instruments


Zelljadt, Elizabeth, 2014. Scenarios for international climate policy instruments. WP5 Deliverable 5.1. Berlin, Ecologic Institute.

48 pp.
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 About this report
1.2 Deviation from description of work
2 Scenario creation
2.1 Countries involved
2.2 Instruments analysed
2.2.1 Carbon pricing
2.2.2 Energy policies at the national level
2.2.3 Climate measures in global sectors
2.3 Conceptual methodology
2.3.1 Criteria
2.3.2 Scenario “landscape”
3 The Scenarios
3.1 Countries and Instruments: current state of play
3.1.1 Carbon pricing state of play
Carbon markets
Carbon taxes
New market mechanisms
3.1.2 Domestic energy policies state of play
Renewable energy quotas
Fossil fuel subsidies
3.1.3 GHGs from global transport state of play
3.2 Evolution through 2050 by instrument type for each scenario
3.2.1 Carbon pricing Carbon pricing Status quo Carbon pricing global deal path Carbon pricing middle-of-the-road Carbon pricing non-global-deal path
3.2.2 Domestic policies Domestic policies status quo Domestic policies global deal Domestic policies middle-of-the-road Domestic policies non-global-deal
3.2.3 Global sectors Global sectors status quo Global sectors global deal scenario Global sectors middle-of-the-road Global sectors non-global-deal
4 Conclusion: changing the definition of “ambitious”?
5 References

CECILIA2050, climate policy, carbon pricing, private transport, greenhouse gas reduction, emissions, taxes, air pollution, climate change, EU, European Union