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Political and Legal Analysis on 2030 Climate and Energy Governance & Effort Sharing

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Political and Legal Analysis on 2030 Climate and Energy Governance & Effort Sharing


In 2017, Ecologic Institute is continuing to analyze key legislative proposals and political processes related to the 2030 energy and climate policy framework of the European Union (EU). This includes specifically the proposed regulations for the post-2020 Effort Sharing and for the Governance of the Energy Union. This work is being done in support of and as a contribution to an initiative by the European Climate Foundation (ECF), with the aim to advance the overall understanding of the options for future EU energy and climate governance in collaboration with many fellow research institutions.

In addition, the Ecologic Institute offers policy and legal analysis of proposals, resolutions, positions papers and legal texts from the EU institutions related to the evolving principles governing implementation and compliance control of the EU’s 2030 climate and energy targets. It analyses concrete proposals such as the Governance Regulation and assesses how ambitious these plans are and to what extent they are able to support the implementation of the 2030 targets and the development towards a zero carbon economy by 2050. This project is building on Ecologic Institute's existing work on governance, long-term plans and effort sharing for the ECF in 2016 and related projects.


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