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Hannes Schritt

Hannes Schritt

MSc (Environmental Engineering)

Hannes Schritt works at Ecologic Institut as a Researcher. His work focuses on water management and nutrient dynamics in agriculture. His native language is German, but he speaks fluent English and Spanish and also has knowledge of Portuguese and French.

At Ecologic Institute, Hannes Schritt primarily works on a project evaluating cooperation between drinking water suppliers and farmers on the mitigation of nitrate contamination of groundwater reservoirs and on the project Plastic in the environment – sources, sinks, solutions (PlastikNet). He is also involved in several additional research projects on water management. Within the project "Internet of Services and Things and Compliance of Technical Infrastructure with Environmental Standards – A Conceptual Study for Schwerin and its Surrounding Areas" he conducted research on opportunities and risks pertaining to the digitalization of the sewage system of the city Schwerin.

Before arriving at Ecologic Institute, Hannes Schritt contributed to work on the climate mitigation concept EKaKorn at the company Kornkraft Naturkost GmbH in cooperation with Jülich Project Management. Prior to studying, he worked as a human rights observer in Chiapas (Mexico).

Hannes Schritt received his Master's degree in environmental engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin (Germany). His thesis focused on innovative approaches to closing nutrient cycles in the agroecosystem of an indigenous community in the Amazon. He presented the results of his thesis to local farmers in Sarayaku (Ecuador) in the form of comics and integrated his concept in school teaching. In 2013, he spent a semester abroad at the Universidade de Pernambuco in Recife (Brasil).