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Online Community of Experts Helps Tackle Food Waste in Europe

Online Community of Experts Helps Tackle Food Waste in Europe

16 October 2017
Powerful partnership at www.refreshcoe.eu

A new digital network has been launched to encourage collaboration and bring together expertise from across Europe and beyond in a focussed response to the global issue of food waste. The Community of Experts (CoE) aims to help drive action at every level of the supply chain by empowering individuals, organisations and nations through the sharing of skills, knowledge and resources needed to act against food waste.

To access and register to use the Community of Experts visit: www.refreshcoe.eu

A user account gives the added benefit of being able to interact with the experts on the site, upload new tools and publications, and contribute to existing resources on the site.

food waste, waste management, sustainable food systems, food policy, resource efficiencyEurope, Chinapolicy analysis, pilot projects, public-private partnerships, stakeholder engagement, knowledge transfer
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