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Long-term Climate Strategies in Europe: Experience from National and EU-wide 2050 Climate Planning

Long-term Climate Strategies in Europe: Experience from National and EU-wide 2050 Climate Planning

This case study, prepared by Ecologic Institute and published by World Resources Institute (WRI) describes the status quo and relevant recent developments at the EU and national levels on long-term climate strategies, detailing relevant insights on legal obligations, specific features, existing challenges, and potential future processes. Planning for 2050 is a core strand of debate in the European Union at present, focusing on a long-term EU objective and a strategy to be submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by 2020. In parallel, all EU Member States are also developing national strategies, resulting in a wealth of experience but also a set of disjointed strategies, which will need alignment and integration, with each other and with the EU level. The case study, written by Ecologic Institute's Matthias Duwe and Ewa Iwaszuk, is available for download.


Matthias Duwe and Ewa Iwaszuk, Ecologic Institute. 2019. "LTS in Europe: Experience from National and EUwide 2050 Climate Planning."

15 pp.
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Table of Contents

EU level
National level
Context: Past, present and future of long-term climate plans in Europe
Historical background (2009–14: Pre-Paris)
Current situation (2015–20: Post-Paris)
Legal obligations on 2050 plans: What is in the Governance Regulation?
Provisions applying to both EU and national strategies
Provisions that only apply to the EU strategy
Provisions that apply to the national strategies
Provisions regarding the connection between the two strategy levels
State of play on 2050 Climate plans at the national and EU levels
National-level perspective: Diversity in 2050 LTS
Specific insights: Commonalities and differences
EU-level perspective: A net-zero vision
Summary and Conclusions

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