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Evaluation Outcome for Measures to Promote EV

Evaluation Outcome for Measures to Promote EV

This infographic visualises the evaluation results of various measures to promote electric vehicles. It specifies the corresponding measures and illustrates the evaluation criteria. The infographic is licensed under a Creative Commons license CC BY-ND 4.0, i. e. it can be used without any changes, if the author is mentioned.

The infographics were developed for the study "Measures for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles", which examines ten types of measures including both financial and non-financial incentives. It assesses

  1. the measures overall effectiveness in incentivising EV purchases;
  2. the ease of administering them;
  3. affordability for governments; and
  4. the consistency with other goals,mainly with the goal of reducing traffic.


Ecologic Institute 2019: Evaluation Outcome for Measures to Promote EV. Infographic.


Concept: Eike Karola Velten, Ruth Haake (Ecologic Institute)
Graphic design: Ruth Haake (Ecologic Institute)

Project ID
Mobility, Electric Vehicles, Electromobility, Policy evaluation, Energy transition, Transport sector, Charging Infrastructure, Incentives, quota, measures, global with focus on EU28