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Energy Intensive Industries: Challenges and opportunities in energy transition


Energy Intensive Industries: Challenges and opportunities in energy transition


The European commission strives for carbon-neutrality in Europe by 2050. In order to achieve this goal, the energy intensive industries will have to reduce their emissions substantially. On behalf of the European Parliament, CE Delft and Ecologic Institute will summarise how energy intensive industries in Europe can transition to a carbon-neutral energy economy while preserving their global competitiveness.

The project consists of four working packages:

  1. Carbon neutral technologies: The project team will provide a concise overview of potential carbon neutral technologies that could be applied in the energy intensive industries and an estimation of their costs for energy intensive industries.
  2. Financing: Existing financial instruments for energy intensive industries will be reviewed.
  3. Competitiveness: The objective of the third working package is to estimate the impacts on competitiveness of energy intensive industries from the net costs of applying climate-neutral technologies.
  4. Recommendations: The project team will make policy recommendations on what the EU could do to limit or mitigate the negative impacts on competitiveness for the energy intensive industries.

The project will be executed in a consortium consisting of CE Delft and Ecologic Institute. Ecologic Institute will contribute the analysis of the current funding mechanisms and will act as reviewer.


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Jan-Erik Thie
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