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Jennifer Rahn


Jennifer Rahn

Visual Designer


Jennifer Rahn is a visual designer at Ecologic Institute. She supports the Institute's work in the field of scientific, environmental policy advisory by designing and creatively integrating information into digital and print media. Her work focuses on web and content design, print and online publication design, infographics, and corporate design. Jennifer Rahn is particularly interested in creating complex yet easy-to-understand infographics. Jennifer Rahn works in German and English.

Before working as an in-house designer for Ecologic Institute, Jennifer Rahn worked for various web and marketing agencies with different focuses. While working at 3pc GmbH, she was involved in developing the concept for the relaunch of the Wahl-O-Mat for the federal election in 2013 and subsequently implemented the redesign on behalf of the Federal Agency for Civic Education. Most recently, Jennifer Rahn worked for a small company in the energy sector, designing and implementing innovative marketing and communication strategies for municipal energy suppliers.

As a media designer for digital and print, specializing in design and technology, Jennifer Rahn completed her training at 3pc GmbH in Berlin in 2011.

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