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Assessment of Agricultural Measures Included in the Draft River Basin Management Plans

Assessment of Agricultural Measures Included in the Draft River Basin Management Plans

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) (2000/60/EC) has introduced a legal framework for sustainable management of water resources across Europe. According to this directive, Member States (MS) had to prepare drafts of the river basin management plans (RBMPs) and respective programmes of measures (PoMs) by the end of 2009. Successful implementation of the WFD strongly depends on agricultural land use; therefore, this report summarised the results of an in-depth assessment of how the draft plans and programmes address agricultural pressures on EU water resources.

The assessment of the draft river basin management plans and programmes of measures identifies shortcomings in addressing agriculture pressures and provides suggestions for improvement of the RMBPs.

Due to agriculture, both diffuse and point source pollution by nitrogen is reported in 91% of the dRBMPs, by phosphorus in 90% and pesticides in 69%. Hydro-morphological pressures caused by agriculture are reported in about 50% of the dRBMPs. Furthermore, irrigation as a pressure on water quantity is reported in about 37% of the dRBMPs.

In order to address agricultural pollution, MS are willing to introduce a broad set of measures which were also assessed.

For more detailed information, please consult the final report [pdf, 4750 KB, English].

This project is funded by the European Commission and DG Environment and provided information to the Expert Group on Water and Agriculture.

European Commission, Directorate-General Environment (DG Environment)
VITO, Belgium
ACTeon Environment (ACTeon), France
August 2009 to April 2010
Project ID
Water, Water Framework Directive, Agriculture, Europe