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Introduction to German and European Environmental Policy (德国及欧洲环境政策介绍)


Introduction to German and European Environmental Policy (德国及欧洲环境政策介绍)

28 March 2011

Successive policy challenges and EU enlargement have added layers of policy, legislation, and institutions to create the current European system for addressing environment, climate, energy, and sustainable development. R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute speak on policy international policy learning before a GIZ delegation from China in.

A key factor is the importance of formal and informal fora or platforms for trans-national policy learning.  This may be of interest to China, not only in view of market access and international regulatory cooperation, but also as a way to sharing Chinese success stories and technologies and identify policy solutions that might be adapted and adopted. R. Andreas Kraemer spells out what might be done to enhance cooperation in this important area.

An abridged version of the presentation is available for download in English [pdf, 399 kB] and Chinese [pdf, 544 kB].

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28 March 2011
Berlin, Germany
EU, Europe, Germany, China, policy learning, environmental policy