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European and German Waste Policy (欧洲和德国废物管理政策)

European and German Waste Policy (欧洲和德国废物管理政策)

31 March 2011

Waste policy is developing dynamically in Europe and Germany. The presentation of Alexander Neubauer, Coordinator European Research and Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute, dealt with both the basic European requirements for waste policy and current German developments.

The presentation focused on the revised Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC), which introduced new basic requirements for waste policy. Among these are minimum recycling targets for municipal and construction/demolition waste and an elaborate waste management hierarchy consisting of waste prevention,  preparation for reuse, recycling , other types of recovery (energy recovery) and disposal. The presentation is available for download in English [pdf, 83 kB] and Chinese [pdf, 222 kB].

Further lectures:

31 March 2011
Berlin, Germany
Waste, Resources, Recycling